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The logic of observing elections is that offenders should be punished.
The idea that observing disorder can have a psychological effect on people has been around for a while.
By observing their gestures she refined the experiment.
The interior ministry last month warned foreigners that observing was one thing, political meddling another.
Although the trial was held in the open, with reporters observing much of it, important chunks were kept secret.
It might depend on where one is doing the observing.
Because what we're observing now is an increase in the effectiveness of accommodative monetary policy.
In the process of observing the behavior and progress of these apes, the visitor is stimulated to think in news ways.
Both you and the sailor would have equal claim to being right-the motion of the rock is relative to whoever is observing it.
Most extrasolar planets have been revealed by observing their host star, or sun.
Other duties may include observing and mentoring candidates in school settings.
Suppose that your philosophy was developed by observing and working with an outstanding teacher at your graduate university.
As the one doing the observing, you have the opportunity to gather some new ideas about effective teaching.
For faculty striving to improve their teaching, they would be a lot better off observing and emulating good teachers.
Mice observing a cage mate suffering stomachache withdrew more quickly from the heat source.
Since the early twentieth century, two concepts have transformed the way astronomers think about observing the universe.
There are multiple dimensions of observations, and depending on who is observing a specific event, the outcome will be different.
Opportunities for studying the wonders that go on in nature are everywhere, and observing nature can be fun to do together.
The threat can then be monitored by observing their swarming behavior.
Studying the official website and observing program schedules can avoid the common pitfalls.
The park provides guests with opportunities for fishing, observing marsh and swamp wildlife and boating.
These include hiking, fishing, climbing and observing wildlife.
It may seem to the reader that a rule with so many exceptions to it is not worth observing.
It is loss also in business to be too full of respects, or to be curious in observing times and opportunities.
The earliest navigation methods involved observing landmarks or watching the direction of the sun and stars.
Locating and observing these gliders in the wild was a challenge.
It's easy to see why locating and observing the gentle giants is such a challenge.
But these satellites focus narrowly and aren't useful for observing wide areas of terrain.
Spend some time outdoors together observing wildlife.
Observing the effects of perigee on the moon itself can be a bit trickier.
Observing what they leave on their plates at home will accomplish the same thing.
Supernovae occur all the time throughout the universe, but capturing and observing one is extremely rare.
It's calmer than it was, but objects are still being thrown, and there are hundreds if not thousands of students observing events.
One tenet of quantum physics is that the simple act of observing an event will alter the outcome of the event.
By not observing the distinction between illegality and malice.
There is a difference between perpetuating stereotypes and observing how they affect the lives of real people.
And now we're observing it unfold on a national stage in a profoundly symbolic setting.
The routine provided him with an opportunity to get a head start on his relentless observing, sketching, and note-taking.
We were there with some amount of irony-or mockery: observing a relic.
By observing the highest standards of craftsmanship.
The plants, soberly observing their entertainment, seem wholesomely unmanipulated.
The jacket artist has the pleasure of observing this life-in stores, in people's hands, in their houses.
The obvious problem is for astronomers, who have to fight this added light when observing faint objects.
But given that this is close in astronomical terms, astronomers will be observing it carefully.
Another way to use this lesson has to do with observing meteors.
He was observing mice when he put his coffee mug down.
After observing the pair for some time, a third dip in the system's light was seen happening at odd intervals.
The only safe solar filter for a telescope is a full aperture filter specifically designed for solar observing.
That's the question that physicists have been struggling with since observing this phenomenon during the last decade or so.
It continues shoving the object around, observing how its parts move in relation to each other.
But it gives you global coverage, whereas the previous observing systems were spotty.
But as law enforcers never tire of observing, crime doesn't honor borders.
Perhaps also they are uncomfortable when they recognize what he was observing.
Astronomers can be skilled observers and also expert in the theory of what they are observing.
She took responsibility for observing the inhuman uses of power and for summoning her generation to judgment and action.
He started by observing the rising number of dubious mortgages being written.
We are in the position of anthropologists observing the rituals and liturgy of an alien culture.
The main concern expressed by opponents of the commission's standards is that observing them will be too expensive.
The scientists will be observing several athletes to see how their bodies react to performance testing.
Observing the weather first-hand using one's own equipment is always interesting.

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