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Legend has it that they observed an unofficial ceasefire while underground.
The relationship between brain size and group size has also been observed in other social mammals, such as carnivores and whales.
But others say the taboo on bonobo meat is not observed in some areas.
Let her know what you have observed and then what you need.
It's certainly similar, since you are using the observed distribution to measure the properties of a statistical estimator.
In the professional study of literature, however, there exist certain standards and customs that must be observed.
As others have observed, your thinking is distorted.
Remember this,-that there is a proper dignity and proportion to be observed in the performance of every act of life.
These customs, it will have been remarked, are generally observed at or about midsummer.
Each technique decreased the rate of the observed poleward movement somewhat, but the general trend remained.
Many observed the anniversary a year later as a day of fasting and prayer.
He observed that lots of psychological experiments have been done on the effects of status and lots on the effects of power.
As this paper observed a year ago, his presidency has got smaller.
Not surprisingly, no such object has ever been observed directly.
Such collisions should cause individual atomic nuclei to recoil, and with the right apparatus such recoils can be observed.
Shareholders, they observed, hold the same value whether a firm returns cash or retains it.
If they are correct, it would explain the newly observed abundance of high-energy positrons.
Models simulating centuries of warming normally have the occasional decade in which no rise in surface temperatures is observed.
He observed that there was a lack of incentive for people to share their information with the government truthfully.
But that does not mean that it is observed, during or after war.
Together, they checked whether subtle cues about being observed had an effect on people's behaviour.
And when observed through a telescope, comets appear fuzzier.
But only one was observed with modern-day astronomical equipment, limiting the amount of data scientists have about the phenomena.
Rarely observed, this brazen feeding behavior originates with smell.
Each of them has observed something different: some people have looked at fish, and others have measured the water temperature.
It inhabits tropical and subtropical coastal waters around the world and has been observed clambering onto land to sunbathe.
Researchers had already observed non-fatal explosions on other late-stage stars.
Using video cameras, the researchers observed females at each of the three stages of courtship.
Herds observed at reintroduction sites appear to be affectionate.
Hunter has observed numerous such takeover battles among his study population and generally refrains from taking sides.
The huge planet is too far away to be observed directly.
Citizen scientists participate by counting pigeons and recording courtship behaviors observed in their neighborhood pigeon flocks.
It should test against directly observed facts if possible.
The observed effect is certainly based on the osmotic effect, although indeed a few components of honey may contribute a bit.
Results observed in the world of online dating support this finding.
After all, the clustering of single nucleotide polymorphisms has been observed before, but its cause remains unknown.
They observed that many tongues share grammatical structures and other attributes, bolstering the argument that speech is innate.
The morphologies they observed differed considerably from those described in the original report.
Such a signal can be observed easily with a circuit containing a transconductance amplifier and a peak detector.
Scientists observed that the quasar is shooting out highly energetic particles and fast-moving gas in the direction of the galaxy.
The researchers then played artificial cricket sounds from various locations and observed the fly's movements.
Descriptivism involves the objective description of the way a language works as observed in actual examples of the language.
They are constructions of calm perplexity, coolly observed human mysteries.
We observed a significant fecundity increase even in primiparous mothers, which was not evident in the previous study.
Even more useful is his ability to replay data he has observed.
As each car rolled in at the end of a circuit, a small clash of cultures could be observed.
Similar patterns are observed for a number of other body measurements, all indicative of the same trends of deviation.
He put his pinkie in the hole and observed that a flap of canvas had been pushed back.
For years, a rule against copying your neighbor's order was observed fairly strictly.
Although doctors observed patients, they didn't ask anyone to change their lifestyle or medications.
The insect is attached to a clear plate, so that its flight pattern can be better observed.
These showers can be so extensive that they can easily be observed from the ground.
The magnets are then switched off and the anti-hydrogen is observed as gravity affects it.
However, it's been observed that a great many drugs likely work for only a fraction of the patients who receive them.
As you have observed, a depreciated factory is no longer counted against costs.
After all, what is currently observed, is never the end of innovations.
Balderdash of course, there is no coherence and no chemical activity observed.
The case studies here are finely observed, judiciously expressed, and genuinely fascinating.
These correlations among crude oil prices are markedly higher than are observed for virtually any other traded good or service.
In other words, spheres of influence must be clearly drawn among the different civilizations and meticulously observed.
These aren't generic heart songs, but sharply observed vignettes.
The same people get informed and the utilitarian principle is observed.
Any change observed in the natural world or the laboratory is not macro evolution related.
At each stage, they carefully observed how the rats reacted.
The idea is to explain the observed acceleration of the universe by modifying gravity rather than introducing dark energy.
Uncanny valley response has never been observed in another species.
Quarks are extremely sociable and are never observed in nature alone.
Quantum tunneling has also been observed in enzymes, the proteins that facilitate molecular reactions within cells.
They observed that the cancerous cells extended their lives in two ways.
Intriguingly, the observed scaling exponent falls in a narrow range that maximizes the optimal complexity.
Researchers have observed that animals in the wild may also attain genetic benefits from inbreeding.
All the gamma-ray bursts observed so far have been extremely distant, which implies the events are rare.
No adaptation could be observed during any of the experiments.
Instead crowds gathered in the square and observed a moment of silence before hooting and hollering.
Neuroscientists have even observed where and how the placebo effect may work in the brain.
Newscasters mostly observed the rule of decorum in such matters: speak only good of the dead.
They took multiple photographs of the building and observed the parking garage underneath.
On any given day, the lab bustles with toddlers who come to play with his toys and be observed while they do so.
In the months since, as the sun moves erratically toward its maximum, several flares have been observed every day.
Short-term temporal stability in observed retail food characteristics.

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