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Our need to observe combatants' human rights must be balanced with our existential need to withstand these tyrannical movements.
Many companies observe a double standard, it notes, paying bribes more freely abroad than at home.
Remind students to use all of their senses to observe their habitat.
New microscopy techniques observe life's molecules in action.
People were to observe a mandatory curfew and travel restrictions.
Under dark field what you observe is the refracted light from the sample which will really light up your images.
It's a feast for the audience, but observe how the attendees react.
Most economists observe the world's economies from afar, and try to formulate theories to explain them.
Try to observe the same quantum particle a second time, and chances are you'll find your first measurement has knocked it about.
She spent her days following the giraffes to observe their behavior.
Also observe what is thriving, despite deer, that wasn't on your list.
Scientists observe evolution in progress with a computer program that creates digital organisms.
Thus all of your electronic correspondence must adopt a civil tone, observe proper protocols, and be factually accurate.
We generally don't observe accelerating disinflation or deflation, even though that's what models predict.
There is a ten-mile loop open to visitors that wish to observe the herds moving across the land.
Another requirement was having the wall double as seating space so they, and guests, could observe the tortoise in comfort.
It took me by surprise to observe what actually happened.
Observe the whales in their natural habitat and relax in the famous thermal waters of the lagoon.
Place cells provide a way to directly observe cognition, even in the rat.
The team hopes to find more stars with this asteroid film around them, and observe the current ones in further detail.
Invite your department chair to observe your teaching early on in the term.
Laboratory scientists peer into microscopes to observe the behaviour of bugs.
What types of human activity they're likely to observe.
One intriguing perceptual shift is coming from those who regularly observe our closest kin, the chimpanzees, and other monkeys.
Awesome to observe the dam from that distance and height.
They also take willing subjects and observe their reactions as they gawp at products.
Because such organisms are so difficult to observe in nature, much of the ocean's microbial life remains a mystery to science.
In addition, no physical law will observe the scientists summation of it's behaviour and then change in response.
There was the sunrise-to-sunset vigil to observe the park's first nesting green herons.
Sometimes, astronomers really do need to use rocket science when they observe unidentified objects in the sky.
We may actually observe cooling over the next decade.
Researchers rarely sight them in the wild, let alone observe them for hours on end.
If you have two observers who are moving relative to each other then each will observe the others clock moving more slowly.
The experiment aims to observe the effects of cohabitation for extended periods of time in space.
Few of the astronomers awarded time on the big telescopes actually go there to observe anymore.
Here's what you'd expect to observe if the hypothesis is true.
It has the effect of peeking through a picket fence to observe matter.
As you have suggested, meanings do evolve and grammarians only observe.
Many more people observe the solstice while participating in modern holidays-even if they do not always realize the connection.
If unsure of eating etiquette, simply observe what everyone else does.
At one exhibit, visitors observe a live view of the inner cell that's projected onto the surface of a table.
Observe before you project yourself on a parabolic trajectory.
The more practical an age or country the less inclined it is to observe forms of politeness.
Thanks to this fact, red light allows the camera to observe deep-sea organisms without disturbing them.
Many shows have a panel of regulars that sit on the sidelines and observe.
Physicists observe the natural world and extract from it laws and principles that reliably explain everyday phenomena.
Being the first to observe laser action, in itself, represents a major achievement.
Later, she was to observe that this was hardly a good basis for marriage.
We observe labels, zero in on fat but ignore the overall caloric number.
In the end, a giant tidal wave wipes away the coastal village but delivers our heroes to a mountaintop to observe a lunar eclipse.
The idea is that you don't have to sit back and observe.
They observe that the latest gadgets are sleeker, faster and cooler-looking.
He has been a fascinating animal to observe over the years.
Comments one and two observe that there are platforms less often targeted by malware.
The doctors and nurses were not there to cure, but to observe the progress of untreated syphilis.
We live in one of the bubbles and can observe only a small part of it.
Observe that each and every one of these is also happier and more successful than you.
Some of the animals hung around long enough for me to sit quietly and observe them.
Even corporations housed in another state are supposed to observe this stricture--but don't, always.
The economics profession already has such a code, which the vast majority of economists respect and observe.
Now that he has resigned many will take a close look at his legacy and observe the significant progress that has been made.
They can observe how their would-be leaders think on their feet and cope with huge pressure.
He told me he had come simply to listen and observe.
Recently, some neuroscientists tried to observe long-term working memory in action.
The next year, the decision of whether or not to observe daylight saving time was left up to individual jurisdictions.
It's an interesting experience--and an intriguing opportunity to observe social dynamics.
The other is to observe the wonder of what financial evolution has created.
Ask students what patterns they observe on their new maps.
Of course, the more you observe something, the more complicated it becomes.
Take a tour of the sun and planets, observe extraterrestrial weather patterns up close, and more.
Choose a new plant or plants to observe throughout the growing season.
In the left column, students can jot down main events they observe in the movie.
There are things that you observe in the course of your job.
The beauty of that is that it opens your eyes to observe the world.
The researchers went on to observe bonobos attacking, killing, and eating monkeys.
The textbook instructions for such studies are merely to sit and observe.
Rick says it right, drive defensively, observe and fit in.
Yet, observe, with exquisite accuracy as far as she reaches.
It is sadly curious to observe how slight a taste of office suffices to infect a poor fellow with this singular disease.
The rudimentary precautions to keep our imprisonment endurable he would not observe.
Observe the defense mechanism and lack of motion in the crab spider.
Using binoculars, spotting scopes or telephoto lenses allows you to observe moose in detail while allowing them plenty of space.
Observe whether the mask remains in place, indicating that the mask seals are secure against the face.
The prospective jurors could observe his antics on a two-way closed circuit television monitor, the newspaper says.
The local wildlife sanctuary provides an opportunity to observe nature at close range.
Then they will add the second light beam and observe.
He programmed his telescope to observe the star in question to see if its brightness varied.
He applauds those psychiatrists who, while using biology, observe the importance of relationships between doctors and patients.
It should be possible to observe and control such experiments in space.
Once airborne, and thus able to observe trees to the side of their glide-paths, some of the snakes turned towards them.
Alas, that leaves us to do little but observe and attempt to understand.
And, it's far more common to observe an electron losing energy than to observe one gaining it.
Take these practices seriously and try to observe the points where audience members look bored or confused.
Have them repeat the exercise above for these regions, recording what they observe on the appropriate regional map.
The animal is notoriously difficult to detect and observe, making an accurate census nearly impossible.
The tea party movement is a tricky one to observe, since protests happen in different cities at different times.
Some still observe the solstice with ceremonies and prayers, gathering on mountaintops or at spiritual landmarks.
And after that, for the rest of the time civilized humans observe such things, the difference will be apparent.
Organizational capital is the toughest kind of capital to measure and observe.
At his age, he preferred to observe at a safe distance.
For longer storage, use the freezer--but observe the caveats below.
The peer would observe the teacher for up to a year and provide counselling.
Over a matter of days, he was shocked to observe his condition become life-threatening.
As he crosses his legs, you observe that they are immeasurably long and slender.
He began to observe loons after the war, when he was living recklessly.
As she looked at her wedding ring, she could observe the bold play of tendons on the back of her tanned thin hands.
And for that to happen you need to observe the world, closely and steadily, with a mind open to change.
It's been interesting to observe reactions to the cover.
But the second category of internecine warfare is really fun to observe.
Subjects forced to navigate electrified structure while fellow subjects observe silently.
We'd have to stand together in silence and observe these images of human violence.
The matter came to a head on the day when the jurors were taken on a tour of the castle to observe the crime scene.
In the case of this family, however, commentators and critics are legion and observe no restraint.
That's why it's so difficult to preserve, to observe and ultimately so difficult for physicists to play with.
The ideal way to understand that complex process is to observe the brain in action.
The fish are transparent, making them easy to observe during development.
It is impossible to observe superposition by definition.
It doesn't take a brilliant mathematician to observe that this is clearly impossible.
Radiologists have been using fluoroscopy to observe inside vessels for years, of course.
Ultimately, that judgment must be made by experienced supervisors who frequently observe the teachers' performance.
He could slop around, gossip with the locals, enjoy the waterfront-and observe.
Eaters observe others who are similarly working their jaws.
There he was in a position to know what was going on and to closely observe the military leadership.
We observe them with a sympathetic eye, but from a distance.
All you have to do is observe humans to figure out how human speech arises.
Astronomers will continue to observe this event to learn more about it.
Observe the clear admixture among some of the indigenous groups, while the virtual genome budges far less.
But so far, no one has managed to observe them directly.
But if you do, he points out, the pattern you observe in the remaining cell's descendants doesn't change.
While scientists have long suspected that such merging tsunamis exist, this is the first time they've been able to observe one.
We're not claiming that we're the first to observe this phenotype.
They don't give off any light, so that makes them pretty difficult to observe.
They observe you trying on jeans, overhear you grousing to your friends.
Many claimants multiply these damage amounts by the number of conditions they observe at a property.
O means observe: think about what you are sensing, feeling and experiencing, and what events led to the situation.
Early morning and dusk are good times to observe wildlife year-round.
Stop off at the photo blind and observe nature at work.
They are extraordinary animals if one takes the time to closely observe them.

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