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Right and they will charge an obscenely high price for it, so unless you have great insurance, prepare to keep on suffering.
Pay is being aligned more closely with long-term performance, even if it still looks obscenely high to outsiders.
But as these memoirs show, he is also self-regarding and obscenely wrongheaded.
Unemployment was obscenely high and the sense of community that many had enjoyed in the old country was gone.
Several of the obscenely rich people who have made a journey to the orbiting laboratory have claimed to have a serious purpose.
Its humors are ghoulish and its hyena laughter snarls obscenely.
If you're feeling obscenely rich in this impoverished country, you'll do a tiny bit of good and feel better by eating here.
It is one of the many things that politics and moviemaking have in common: they are both obscenely expensive.
They blame high gas prices on the price of crude oil, but their obscenely high profits give cause to doubt their reasoning.
Some would say, with fair justification, paying for a college education in this country is now obscenely expensive.
The second problem is the obscenely high cost of textbooks.
It's an amazing work, filled with a visual intelligence that's meticulously composed and obscenely clever.
Under the weight of the shoes, the pole bends obscenely, and she scolds us for our filthy minds.
But this seems obscenely unlikely to be the case, given the way science has progressed.
Now that is an obscenely large range in anybody's books.
Probably a bird of paradise, a family of birds with a number of species sporting obscenely long tails.
Another pop star found in a hotel room, dead of undetermined causes at an obscenely early age.
Obscenely priced skin cream and the finest makeup, blended to my skin color.

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