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There is something obnoxious, even, about the idea that some people should be paid to entertain themselves in this way.
Personal attacks on other commenters are not permitted of course, nor is abusive or obnoxious behaviour.
Years can change and be replaced, but not the obnoxious dark characters of human beings.
It's messy, unpredictable and the outcome sometimes downright obnoxious.
Some of the religious zealots may well believe in the obnoxious charter.
After all, people who are nuts or socially obnoxious are only a trivial inconvenience in a large society.
For the human understanding is obnoxious to the influence of the imagination no less than to the influence of common notions.
Individuals and groups who find the values or laws of one state obnoxious have the right to live somewhere else.
His condition might have been tormented and tormenting--it might appear wearily obnoxious.
The problem was that a smirking sense of humor can, shockingly, come across as obnoxious.
Your ignorance and that of the physics community is deep, in your face and obnoxious.
Yankees fans are notoriously loud, obnoxious and typically win.
That's a fair question, and not at all obnoxious if phrased politely.
She'll share her expertise in things when she thinks you need to know how to do something, but she's never obnoxious.
The only problem with cheap suits is that sometimes they have obnoxious little trendy elements that you may not want.
The message of the letter itself doesn't contain anything obnoxious, but the presentation of it is bizarre.
With a few exceptions, it's obnoxious, particularly so for those who are not physicians.
Those kids are obnoxious and intentionally inconveniencing the campus community by blocking a sidewalk.
That's obnoxious to a degree that simply defies description.
Suppose that one advocate is obnoxious and angry while the other advocate is courteous and calm.
Running a blog and making obnoxious, arrogant and demeaning comments requires no special academic qualification or talent.
So, please be sure not to commit their mistake and form a negative picture of a large number of people based on an obnoxious few.
Most of them were defeated by stronger or more obnoxious competing civilizations.
Its edit function lets you cut dull moments and obnoxious brothers-in-law.
To my way of thinking, receiving repeated, obnoxious sends would be a far more serious disruption.
He's the office smart aleck, a touch obnoxious but irresistible.
Then follows an obnoxious wedding scene with grotesque comedy.
At first it was extremely flattering to the point of my being obnoxious.
If possible, serve in obnoxious-colored plastic containers.
It is a noxious, and obnoxious, cousin of the sunflower.
To avoid obnoxious odors and attracting flies in your yard, keep your yard free of dog droppings.
It is important to distinguish between obnoxious or peculiar behavior and drug activity.
Obnoxious and destructive, the screwworm is the only insect known to consume the living flesh of warm-blooded animals.
These tones are distinctive, obnoxious tones that grab the attention of all officers.
By adopting some of these techniques, you could use your livestock to help manage noxious and obnoxious weeds on your place.
Corn was well aware of employers' complaints about nit picking and obnoxious inspectors.
Obnoxious behavior or excessive noise will not be permitted.
These common bacteria can cause unpleasant odors and obnoxious brown slimes in some places where a chlorine residual is absent.
As cruel and obnoxious as the comment was, it was a reasonable expectation.

Famous quotes containing the word obnoxious

Bitches are aggressive, assertive, domineering, overbearing, strong-minded, spiteful, hostile, direct, blunt, candid, more
There is probably no more obnoxious class of citizen, taken end for end, than the returning vacationist.... more
I am obnoxious to each carping tongue Who says my hand a needle better fits, A poet's pen, all scorn, I sho... more
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