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Conspiracy theorists will insist that an entire population was banished to a faraway island, where they step-danced to oblivion.
Many came so close to making the layout but now would fade into oblivion.
The bottom of a moulin-a vertical shaft in the ice-opened up and sucked the entire lake into oblivion.
The vast majority of them sink into virtual oblivion once they are published.
But if watercolors are absent at those professional shows, the medium may be headed in a downward spiral toward oblivion.
Oblivion to the effects of one's words or movement is intolerable.
It was for me an illustration that points to something much more powerful and important than ease of existence and then oblivion.
Two big, macabre, largely forgotten news stories came lurching out of oblivion together this week.
But all he wants to do is reclaim himself from his induced oblivion.
Here, oblivion appears to encroach on the protagonist and eventually stamp out all embers of emotion.
Pfitzner, on his way to oblivion, produced one great work.
The makeover narrowly rescued the company from oblivion.
We had one mac, that gradually slipped into oblivion as it was too expensive to upgrade and fix.
Indeed, his whole doctrine of modes may be said to be based on oblivion of the fact that a simple idea must be really simple.
In common with certain wine years which have gone over the top, some strongholds of fine food inevitably fade into oblivion.
The memory of this community has been saved from oblivion in a way that is neither flashy, political, nor full of raw emotion.
Thrown on to a world stage for which he was ill-prepared, he seemed destined to political oblivion.
In effect, the bank is slowly taxing pensions into oblivion.
Predictability shied away into complete oblivion having been wholly replaced by uncertainty.
But those who don't are forced to program their their own into oblivion.
The points you bring up have been tested to oblivion in military aviation.
Some securities deserve to be shorted into oblivion.
Again the politicians have failed to tell us the truth as they spend us into oblivion.
These drugs offered oblivion, not ethereality, a rush into the void rather than a slow drifting to blissful serenity.
In the ruthless world of auto racing, aerodynamics can make the difference between stunning victory and fiery oblivion.
Either way, no amount of legerdemain will stop the computer mouse's inevitable scuttle down the long tail of oblivion.
Solving the marketing problem will determine whether the product becomes a favorite toy for millions or is laughed into oblivion.
Perry doesn't take his boot off till a year after the votes have been counted and the opponent has faded into oblivion.
The stage of infancy begins at birth and can best be described as a period of helpless oblivion.
With every regard to the proprieties he was to be decently, deferentially, definitively interred in political oblivion.
Life comes and goes: the final frontier could be littered with outposts where populations arose and then flashed into oblivion.
Slipping back into oblivion, she awakes later in her hospital bed, troubled by her frightening experiences.
Every few minutes it catches the flash of a supernova, a star blowing itself into oblivion in a far-off galaxy.
Logical consequence suggests that mankind rises together or spins itself into oblivion and extinction.
In the end the only thing that remains for us to do is to ridicule them into oblivion.
Scientists predict that many more mainland species will follow them to oblivion.
Our ideas may not echo down the generations, but hurtle toward oblivion.
Humans are hunting species to oblivion, decimating them with pollution, and destroying their habitats.
Because of the squalor and lack of public health the lot of the urbanite was to consign their genes to oblivion.
No country has ever taxed itself into prosperity, but many have taxed themselves into oblivion.
You, and your planet, would be incinerated into oblivion.
We need to play back the tapes to refresh our memory of what seems consigned to instant oblivion even as it unfolds.
The film doesn't quite get there, but it packs a wad of compelling entertainment on its road to triple-X oblivion.
If you're not up to flinging yourself into the cave mouth with nothing but a parachute between you and oblivion, no matter.
In the oblivion of their minds, prejudices were formed and misconceptions were condoned.

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