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Example sentences for obliterated

In some obliterated towns, shops are open and stocked and have electricity.
Conventional schemes would have obliterated the signal with quantum noise generated by the measurement itself.
Peaks formed hundreds of millions of years ago are obliterated in months.
We should know who the underdog is and how swiftly that character will get obliterated in the absence of a miracle.
Cohesion has been obliterated by war, physical and ideological, leaving scattered treasures on the indifferent streets.
But such meagre confidence will be obliterated by any hint of a transatlantic spat.
One day a mortar obliterated his neighbors' house and killed the people inside.
On top of that, world grain markets would get obliterated and many governments could get overturned in food riots.
It obliterated the line between confidant and audience.
We were surprised at how thoroughly heat obliterated the flavors in cooking oil until they all tasted more or less the same.
These criminals need to be hunted down and obliterated.
Before virtually all evidence of life, animal and human-the cabins and roads and camps and cans-were obliterated.
Religious lines were obliterated in the great gathering.
Unfortunately, that means the operating system gets obliterated as well.
Because the elephants have obliterated the trees, the riverfront has only caper bushes along it.
Consumer wealth has been obliterated by declines in securities and housing prices.
But the dignity code itself has been completely obliterated.
The obliterated opposition parties are at the brink of collapse.
In these forested hills close to the epicenter, the quake obliterated more than this village.
Four all-time records were obliterated in an avalanche of run-scoring.
The treatment obliterated the cancer but also damaged nearby organs.
The blast had shattered or even obliterated bones in the left heel and foot.
They put it under a large rock and the rock is obliterated.
He was convicted of possessing a firearm with an obliterated serial number.
The war had obliterated the whole field of her domestic politics and destroyed or suspended her party system.
The manslayer acts with all reason obliterated by the sudden provocation.
The only problem was what to do with the obliterated mountaintop.
The line of peritoneal reflection from the lateral surface is raised to the level of the obliterated hypogastric artery.
At more advanced age the joint between the sacrum and coccyx is obliterated.
These folds are entirely obliterated when the organ becomes distended.
All fine distinctions are obliterated in his speech.
The new storm obliterated the halting progress that had been made on cleaning up from the earlier one.
In remote coastal towns, waves had obliterated homes, and boats were found on land next to overturned cars.
With the closing of the magazine, my beloved family of colleagues was obliterated.
The ship was obliterated and its crew of forty perished.

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