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Example sentences for obliged

But then you're also obliged to set the context in which the work needs to be seen.
Before accepting the chocolate, however, they were obliged to complete a brief questionnaire.
One is obliged to pick a particular reference to go by.
In no case is it work for someone who feels obliged to make the president feel good about himself.
The country lawyer has been obliged to study all parts of the law alike, and he has known no reason why he should not do so.
Many obliged, and often included a personal letter or invitation in their response.
US attorneys, however, are not obliged to follow that advice.
In considering a change in national policy, one is obliged to anticipate the practical consequences.
If someone asked for a discount, he happily obliged.
He obliged, and after a few seconds, the curtain came down.
Legally obliged to meet these costs, the city can respond only by cutting elsewhere.
Meanwhile, he was obliged to earn a living besides propagating his opinions.
Those who are deaf are often obliged to ask that a sentence be repeated.
We were obliged to steady the booms and yards by guys and braces, and to lash everything well below.
They had been obliged to attend the execution of the martyrs every day, and were now urged to swear by the idols.
The family's poverty obliged him to drop out of school in the ninth grade.
Utilities will be obliged to buy renewable energy and encouraged to build nuclear plants.
The pain might be eased if countries with trade surpluses spent more on imports, but they were not obliged to do so.
Low-cost funds that track such indices are obliged to buy these stocks whatever their merits.
And they will be obliged to have some penalties for non-compliance.
During his time in office state-run television and radio stations were obliged to follow a pro-governmental line.
It hopes that other rebel groups will then feel obliged to follow suit.
Directors are not obliged to act on the feedback they receive from others, but when they do the results can be impressive.
They are not, for instance, legally obliged to publish their accounts.
These links have obliged them to buy dollars, so as to prevent their own currencies from rising.
The political stakes are high, and almost everyone involved in the debate has been obliged to reevaluate their position.
World leaders are often obliged to walk a thin line between national interest and the projection of a state's moral values.

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