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Example sentences for obligatory

She would show up for any obligatory cause, cultural event or party, if only someone asked.
But if you're going to note that, it seems obligatory to also note that he doesn't believe this is probable.
During his obligatory spell in the civil service, he was the youngest to reach the top rank.
Of course, there's also the obligatory guarantee that you'll see a whale, or you get another opportunity at no cost.
There are a certain number of obligatory duties when you're a columnist.
The respects were paid with an obligatory politeness in the dugout.
But some airports take the obligatory walking to extremes.
And that the meeting is obligatory rather than welcome.
Even if there's not much left to say, the redial button is obligatory.
During his first visit, obligatory for all boys in secondary school, the officers declared him fit for military service.
It may be desirable for the marbles to go back, but not obligatory.
The photos show moments of anticipation and abandon in a ritual that is both bankrupting and obligatory.
Old warehouses, factories and offices are being converted into smart blocks of flats complete with obligatory swish penthouses.
The other fatwa declared full-face veiling to be permitted-but not obligatory.
And then there was the obligatory vomiting out of the barracks window.
Equally obligatory was much of what took place on the screen.
Democracy will be significantly enhanced by introducing obligatory voting.
The obligatory champagne splattered over the dressing-room walls.
The end of the year brings with it the obligatory best-dressed lists in fashion magazines.
These cemetery visits might be prompted by genuine sentiment, but they have also become obligatory.
The majority of industrialized nations make a service charge obligatory in restaurants, with an option to tip after it.
His next apprenticeship was the obligatory trip to the antique marbles.
Once you have accomplished that obligatory journalistic task, your input will be more meaningful on this topic.
Ignorance and lack of education are positive qualifications, bordering on obligatory.
The obligatory conversation between us which might have heralded an understanding for the future was never held.
Capitalism exalts individual freedom and voluntary, rather than obligatory or customary, interaction among the members of society.
In other words, that sharing your opinion with everyone when wanting to share with only few becomes obligatory.
All would be three day weekends with obligatory holidays.
Retirement should be a fluent process from full working, via part time work, to minimal work ending in no obligatory work.
Primary education is free and obligatory in all developed world.
It is an obligatory appointment, not one to be approached with relish.
If you are enjoined to do something, it's obligatory.

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