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Rural areas still see life in terms of face-to-face personal relationships and personal obligation and responsibility.
It is interesting to see the role of the psychologist in two-fold: their duty to their country and their obligation as a doctor.
If subsistence fishermen have the right to fish, they also have the obligation to sustain the fishing grounds.
The point being that a play doesn't necessarily have an obligation to convey a moral, social, or political message.
But that doesn't relieve society of the obligation to make the roads as safe as possible.
The anger is understandable, and voters are under no obligation to be consistent.
It amounts to a predatory system of obligation, set down in no laws, enforced by implied threat.
Winters's comments were filtered through the jury, many of whose members didn't feel much obligation to the master plan.
The great body of the people abide by the dry legal obligation in both cases, and a few break over in each.
Shall had the meaning of command or obligation, and will of wish.
For ages she has been deprived of the opportunity to meet this obligation.
By disqualifying himself for the performance of this duty, they became released from that obligation.
Hence the sacred obligation of the boon granted by a knight to his suppliant.
It certainly showed no obligation and perhaps if borrowing is not natural there is some use in giving.
The latter may now be expected to regard himself absolved from such obligation as he previously felt-Times.
He also said librarians have an obligation to meet the needs of their particular audiences.
But if you're voting on a tenure or promotion case, you have an obligation to cast a yes or no vote.
It's not fair, it's not politically correct, but reality is under no obligation to be either of those.
No, you don't have an obligation to support the rigorous standards of any field.
Maybe you've taken on a service obligation that interferes with your usual research or teaching performance for a couple of years.
But for those who have a sense of moral obligation to disseminate their work as broadly as possible, there is good news.
They do not see it as their moral obligation and expend considerable resources to obfuscate the issues.
Teaching a student to take pride in self-expression is not a pedagogical intrusion but an obligation.
Whether or not a guarantee of quality is a contractual obligation, it's implicit in the project itself.
Mention loudly a teaching obligation, a research project, or a grant application with firm deadlines.
Researchers from developed countries often feel an obligation to their financial supporters.
It means understanding your mentoring as a professional obligation.
His obligation to the study and its corporate sponsor could have caused him to overlook his patient's safety.
Fund managers have only one obligation, to act in the best interests of all their investors.
There is no legal obligation on the part of the government to pay anyone.
But the government has also proposed meddling with elements of the universal service obligation.
We have a human obligation to acknowledge the undercurrents of dissent in our world community.
Steps taken this week should help us fulfill that obligation.
Reality has no obligation to provide us with a clear narrative or villain, and it rarely does.
There has always been a moral, as well as a financial, obligation to repay loans.
He is also on record, though, as saying that humans have a moral obligation to announce their presence.
The new law was also born of a moral obligation to make up for past mistakes.
But probably the pig's foot or the eel are not there out of obligation.
Lawyers have a right and sometimes an obligation to object when they believe something is improper.
Indeed, actual waitpeople get by even though the people they serve are under no legal obligation to tip them.
Some fishermen will not honor their obligation to work within these internationally established restrictions.
It is first impressions without sense of social obligation.
Any publicly traded corporation's only obligation is to make money for it's shareholders.
We have every right- indeed, obligation- to explain why that is bad science.
But he probably knew that it was his obligation to do so.
They are not under the obligation to take data in such a manner as to enable other projects by other people.
Moreover, a district attorney has an ethical obligation not to try a case he or she doesn't believe can be won.
The obligation of holy war therefore begins at home and continues abroad, against the same infidel enemy.
Our view is that the primary obligation belongs to the teacher.
Novelists are under no obligation to make relationships seem sunnier than they are in real life.
We have the obligation to protect our country and our families from the disastrous future consequences of this problem.
Teaching composition has long been regarded as a kind of internship obligation for graduate students and junior professors.
The right to property had become separated from any obligation to discharge a useful social function.
Under current law they have no obligation to reveal tax returns, and stockholders have no right to obtain them.
Moreover, a journal is under no obligation to be consistent either in its form or purposes.
On the whole, though, far fewer people than in the past believe they have an obligation to become parents.
But you have an obligation to your fans-they made you what you are.
And it is a sacred obligation to preserve those secrets, unless the law mandates that one does otherwise.
At the same time, his sense of obligation held him back.
If you are going to be a reporter, then there is an obligation to speak.
He feels a moral obligation to the oligarchs who put him in.
At bottom, the gangster is doomed because he is under the obligation to succeed, not because the means he employs are unlawful.
Government buildings have a special obligation to express their public nature.
After all, this is a society where lying through your teeth for propriety's sake is not merely an obligation but a virtue.
Employer obligation to promulgate a policy on the misuse of alcohol and use of controlled substances.

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