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It requires, first of all, realistic and achievable objectives.
Reviews courses to ensure they comply with the goals and objectives of the program.
Since then, the forint has see-sawed and monetary policy has looked confused, torn between its conflicting objectives.
Some travel required to support business objectives.
We commemorate and look back at the goals and objectives of the sorority and fraternity.
Sunset will develop a proposal customized to your marketing objectives.
The goal in each level is to push your foes back while taking control of certain strategic objectives.
The commission is empowered to take countries to court of they fail to meet their objectives.
Pursuing external funding for individual and departmental research and teaching objectives is expected.
We strive to balance economic, environmental and social objectives and integrate them into our daily business decisions.
Also, the primary objectives of this type of culture is not conservation, it is to produce fish for harvest.
One of the primary objectives of this research was to characterize this stratigraphic succession in great detail.
If there is general consensus, ask how they knew these were the objectives.
They probably have a lot of objectives mixed in with the vision.
The proposal is intended to achieve two inconsistent objectives.
Achievements are doled out not only for accomplishing story objectives but for doing clever things within the game.
The strategic importance of these objectives is not in doubt.
Work is reviewed for effectiveness in achieving program goals and objectives.
Happiness and life satisfaction should be explicit policy objectives.
Making syringes easily available to addicts would accomplish public health objectives.
One of the objectives of the drop test was to demonstrate the test procedure.
Focusing on profit goals is a distraction from longer-term objectives that enhance growth, the company said.
The danger comes when these two objectives conflict.
Now you've specified that you are talking about an individual's objectives.
The procedure is uncertain because the objectives of elite universities are unclear.
Set learning objectives for conduct proceedings and make them explicit.
These objectives often collide, especially when political factors are involved.
If growing cities were designed at all, desirable objectives might be achievable.
But the government's success in achieving its political objectives was mixed.
Start with a goal supported with supportive objectives.
It could well provide a new set of tools to complement monetary policy in the pursuit of those objectives.
But whether those two objectives are actually compatible remains open for debate.
It is the second time in the shuttle program that a flight has been devoted to military objectives.
Find the right gift option to meet your goals and objectives.
One is efficiency: pursuing the same objectives at less cost.
The purposes, goals, and objectives section offers a second opportunity to present your proposal's strengths.
It will be about achieving really important objectives.
Higher education seemed to be helping to fulfill egalitarian objectives.
For some reason, nobody else on my team was going after the objectives.
It means the player can focus more on objectives and less on micromanagement.
Both objectives were accomplished with overwhelming success.
Baron makes a really good point that the technology should serve the learning objectives of the course.
They set only the broadest of objectives and emphasised seizing unforeseen opportunities as they arose.
The problem is what is in the mind of the president: self objectives or nations objectives, short term or long term.
Many tasks used to be fairly independent, making it sensible to gauge individual performance against individual objectives.
Money remains important, but it is being used to achieve different objectives.
Confronted by the financial crisis, however, the new president has made it clear that he now wants to tackle both objectives.
It achieved many objectives simultaneously, some of which are not immediately obvious.
Instead, it needs to prioritise and balance its objectives.
Management by objectives, is as much a philosophy relevant to life as it is to managing professional life.
There are likely to be questions about strategic objectives, too.
It achieves its objectives by incentive structures and sometimes draconian penalties.
Ironically, in a tough market, the students have an opportunity to spend more time on their career and job search objectives.
He also introduced the idea of management by objectives, aiming for long-term goals by setting a series of short-term ones.
These two proposals have similar objectives but differ in important ways.
Diversion of funds from military objectives is certainly an alternative.
These are the minimum set of objectives necessary for it to succeed, and the maximum set which represent optimal efficiency.
Playing complex games involves juggling multiple objectives, choosing what to prioritize and what to defer.
Rather then being in touch with self at core to know their beliefs and objectives deeply.
The project has been an absurd and dangerous example of design-as-you-go, and fit the facts to meet the objectives.
We know that one of the objectives of quantum theory is to predict the outcomes of experiments.
There are many objectives of government, but they do not include keeping the population at ease.
On the other hand, the differences appear as soon as one considers the objectives these regimes set themselves.
The forum would have both near-term and long-term objectives.
In any case, their objectives appear to be more modest-and more profound.
The objectives are different: in philosophy, every sentence should have only one meaning.
They do not want to see anything succeeding or achieving its objectives.
For him, it's not that the movement's ethical objectives don't matter.
Upon accomplishing these objectives, the contractor will deliver prototype rounds to the government.
If the evolution is a boat race, it can be broken down into even smaller objectives such as paddling.
Equally important, your responses should help you determine the learning objectives of your course.
The ideal candidate will act entrepreneurially to continually adapt and redesign this program to better pursue its objectives.
It is particularly good if your proposal emphasizes aspects of the literature that are unimportant in justifying your objectives.
Lesson plans can help us keep student learning objectives at the forefront of our teaching.
The currency of higher education is defined by intellectual objectives.
They can do that for their students by placing those objectives squarely in the middle of their mission.
They now belong to a different guild, are answerable to different requirements and have different objectives.
They are also far less hampered by convention and more likely to seek new and innovative means to achieve their objectives.
Functionally, the intelligence community can't achieve its objectives unless it figures out how to play nicely with each other.
To which my response is that over objectives there is no dispute among us.
Someone must decide what sentence will best effectuate these objectives.
Theoretically, anyone can become a member, as long as they profess a loose identification with the group's objectives.
But while it does so it stands on the verge of making a similar mistake in its reliance on drones to achieve policy objectives.
All of them have to think through what results are wanted in the organization-and have then to define objectives.
Unfortunately, our humane objectives were really distorted.
To be sure, no confirmed details have emerged so far about the suspects' motives or their objectives.
It's a natural consequence of competing objectives that are not always aligned.
The program would lose its concentration, begin to shift objectives restlessly, and launch speculative attacks.
Not based upon my understanding of what their motives and objectives are.
Long-term objectives and uncertain applications are unacceptable, the court ruled.
It makes sense that responsibility for processing is divided into various areas that have different computational objectives.
All designed to achieve political-religious-propagandistic objectives.
The military objectives were easy enough to accomplish.
Too much time and effort are wasted on second-tier objectives.
One investment that can meet these objectives is a pre-owned annuity.
He pursued his lofty artistic objectives with humility, nobility and fierce moral integrity.
Keep your objectives in mind, stay calm and take a deep breath.
If you are in a rush to complete projects or achieve important objectives, you could throw good money after bad.
Buy items with an eye to achieving long-term objectives and durability.

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