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Example sentences for object lesson

If the series offers an object lesson in how to elevate the tone of public discourse, all the better, its creators say.
The experience of the past year is an object lesson in the limited power of regulators.
Now it's virtually an object lesson in how not to make a movie out of a theater piece.
That's our object lesson for today's space environment.
For these efforts, the case of the golden lion tamarin is a prelude and an object lesson.
One of her functions in this world was to serve as an object lesson for her nephew.
Her bizarre case is an object lesson in how far the law has trailed behind advances in infertility science.
What followed was an object lesson in bureaucratic torpor.
He had taught his first lesson: an object lesson in what it means to survive starvation.
Andersonville becomes an object lesson in patriotism.
We call attention to his actions because his determination and courage are an object lesson for all of us.
The puffers are an object lesson in incompetent acquisition management and technical expertise.

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