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In fact, matter as a visible object is of no great use any longer, except as the mould on which form is shaped.
With ram accelerators, diameter's the thing: the bigger the bore, the bigger the object that can be fired out of it.
Fluffy wood shavings camouflaged the small object below.
But even people committed to diversity can object to the presence of these officers.
The game requires players to solve a series of puzzles by creating any object they can imagine using a notepad.
The system can locate items using its color, directional and object search capabilities.
In addition, the cloaking effect works only if you look at the hidden object from a certain direction.
In addition, a piece of a whitewashed, handmade object was found.
The resulting heat emanating from the object's surface gives it slight nudges.
If all the asteroids were gathered together, though, they would form an object less than the size of our moon.
On a flat surface, an object covered with a piece of cloth would normally be detectable based on its telltale bump.
Light travels in a straight line through empty space, but when it bumps into an object, it changes direction.
When light hits an object, some colors are absorbed.
Temperature is the degree of hotness or coldness of an object.
But if an object is orbiting another, much larger object that's not a star, it wouldn't count as a planet either.
Astronomers claim to have identified a galaxy in the distant universe that is farther away than any known object in space.
The object covered about three degrees of sky, made no sound and span rapidly as it headed off into deep space.
The closer the object the more obliquely each eye will perceive that object relative to each other.
Their task was to pick up the object and take it to another table, where they would put the object down and pick up a new one.
The throat is a dynamical object attached to the two holes that pinches off extremely quickly into a narrow link between them.
The small object orbit near the sun, and the bigger the object is the farthest it will be from the sun.
He bestows on every object or quality its fit proportions neither more nor less.
The object of their gaze: a large aquarium, visible through a second-story apartment window.
Get to know the history of the rose-an object of symbolism, metaphor, and allusion.
But the candidates went further, stumbling over each other to object to vaccine mandates generally, if not coherently.
Graphic designers turned it into something approaching an object of worship.
With a sharp object-a nail file, a pen, or your teeth-make new holes in top hem next to the ones that tore through.
He did not object to my dumping out my book-bag onto the seat between us.
At the last moment, the object disappeared from the radar screen and the high-speed chase was called off.
Close one eye and line your thumb up with some object in the distance.
If the object is sticking out and easy to remove, gently remove it by hand or with tweezers.
If the object is small, cover both eyes with a clean cloth or sterile dressing.
Stand as close to the object you are lifting as possible.
Radar works by recording radio waves that have been reflected from the object under observation.
Object-oriented programming is taking over the writing of much computer software.
Few would object to vegetable gardening and hula-hooping, but efforts around marketing food are more contentious.
In pre-quantum physics, an object confined by a barrier stayed confined.
His supposed relics are the object of official veneration.
They should limit the grounds on which people can object to neighbours' solar installations through the planning process.
For some on the right, who object even to the idea of a federal income tax, the mandate is an old fight reborn.
Collections have become an object of fascination in a culture that once had few possessions.
Looking through the rifle's telescopic sight, the gunman then estimates the distance from this object to the target.
Linear time disappears in favor of a poetic meditation upon the object, and within it, a curious juxtaposition of imagery.
They unite to create an object that symbolizes transformation.
Every now and again, the gas giant captures a nearby object, which hangs around for a few years and then wanders off into space.
But they've never watched as a macroscopic object jumped from one energy level to another.
The user begins by choosing an object from a randomly generated gallery.
If drivers want to approach an object rather than navigate around it, they can give an override command.
Today, the cats fight back by revealing how to detect the presence of an invisibility cloak and to discover the object it hides.
To look at a three-dimensional object in real life, a set of eyes must do two things.
So in astronomy, the problem of distance is intimately linked to the problem of knowing an object's intrinsic brightness.
For example, the fingers can be equipped with touch sensors to signal a computer that an object has been successfully grasped.
When viewing them on the camera, a user taps on the device's touch screen to choose the object or area that should be in focus.
One is to search for a distant object of known size and measure how big it looks.
These systems employ x-rays and computer tomography to scan for suspicious shapes and object densities.
For a human or a bird, the task is trivial: visually track an object moving through a cluttered scene.
The last great shift in computer programming was object orientation.
Slide the timeline around, pick an object, and watch a little video to see how each technology was used.
Contrary to what may seem obvious, the term planet should not even require that the object in question orbit a star.
His bid is dividing her fans, some of whom object to his character problems and big-government tendencies.
When an object appears in that square, it is lined up for its picture.
Thereafter the touch of every object would bring a glowing memory of how that object looked.
The object ball was against the rail a few inches from the other side of the same pocket.
Tamara is less a character than an object of play, with each side fighting to retain possession.
Corliss is the object with the silhouette of a flying squirrel.
Surely, a college-obsessed parent might object, such variables make some difference.
They will also object to something missing from his background.
At the same time, photography was entering the courtroom as an object of privacy concerns.
Now imagine a third object, say a cluster of galaxies, that lies between us and the one that is beyond our horizon.
Using strange new materials not found in nature, physicists can make an object disappear.
One of my favorite types of object in the sky are planetary nebulae.
In science, if one object has two weird things about it, chances are they're related.
It might not radiate energy out into space, but the robin is an electrically charged object actually inside the field.
The slender birch object still shows the marks left by its maker's stone tools.
Your choice of filter can drastically change the way an object looks.
What is less profound is the response to actually owning that object once you get the discount.
She was the object instead of heightened legal scrutiny.
There are many reasons to object to the bill's detention provisions.
Firstly, it must be a well-made verbal object that does honor to the language in which it is written.
Interestingly, anti-sentimentally, the object of his pity is not endearing.
When you play hide and seek with a four-year-old, you have to hide the object right under his nose.
More generally, the rule says that any object gets warmer when it gains energy, and gets cooler when it loses energy.
Other professors, however, object to the excessive prices of journals to which they have contributed unpaid services.
The object of his satire, it would seem, is our futile desire to attribute meaning to his prose.
But the object of my criticism is not the study of ideology per se, but its study in a vacuum.
The object is simple-link dominoes by matching dots and colors.
What they would object to would be evangelizing from higher up.
One of her functions in this world was to serve as an object lesson for her nephew.
In the entrance to the theater, a video crew had set up lights so that they could shoot every object in the rooms, one by one.
Try to flush the object out with clean water or saline solution.
The object of the game appears to be to get to the top of the stairs.

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