obfuscated in a sentence

Example sentences for obfuscated

The tweets turned out to be obfuscated links to sites where further malicious code and instructions could be downloaded.
Having a mirror image of the bar graphs obfuscated the data.
It is true that, by requiring the big, final price number to be displayed to the customer the actual tax burden is obfuscated.
And they're discourteous to the browser and to the original, non-obfuscated source.
It shows us, that you are also a human, which sometimes tends to be obfuscated by the science terminology barrier.
It's aimed at making people reflect on what is obfuscated by all the commercialism that has taken over the holiday.
Instead of demanding transparency, he actively obfuscated.
Once a reader uncovers the clues, he said, the obfuscated locations will become clear.
The majority either confused or obfuscated the facts, or failed to mention any health hazards of smoking.
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