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Others have attacked her for picking and choosing which laws she will and will not obey.
Regional governors must obey federal law or risk dismissal.
King believed that peaceful refusal to obey unjust law was the best way to bring about social change.
If the hospital and care givers won't obey it, they must inform the patient.
My brain wouldn't obey me, nor my parents or my teachers.
Different species obey different internal and external signals that cue their migration.
The good folks don't need laws and the bad one's won't obey them anyway.
For that reason, hypermilers scrupulously obey the speed limit.
Max's willingness to obey the order is what does that.
He is clearly on the side of the foot-soldier trying to obey demanding superiors.
All humans, hopefully pack leaders, that to make the dog obey them.
Now they find a life form that doesn't obey our parochial definition of how they should live.
Obey the conventions of the setting and you can tell any kind of story you want.
Today, they are mere employees, forced to obey their students and the administrators.
My husband wants to know why the dogs obey me so well and follow me around far more than anyone else.
Again, models are easier if they don't have to obey the laws of physics.
Of course microscopic particles also obey the laws of thermodynamics.
Traffic does not always obey red lights or one-way signs.
They decide who can join their cosy clubs and expect the rest of the world to obey the instructions they hand down.
However, that could result in a court-martial for failure to obey orders.
Wait a minute, the purpose of that experiment is to test the hypothesis that pendulums obey the law of harmonic motion.
Yet he made the request to a friend who had vowed he could never obey it.
Know and obey the law first of all and then the examiners second.
We vote, pay taxes, do volunteer work and obey the law.
His overt message was that people should obey the law.
Clerc will not die because his guest resented being asked to obey the nonsmoking law.
Increase production decrease production oil obey the orders.
If crisis brings war, soldiers will obey orders without complaint.
Being that you're a foreigner, you should obey any and all discernable local traffic laws.
Give up your job, serve your family, and obey your husband.
Parents do not necessarily want to obey, but communal pressure is strong.
It's not that he doesn't listen or can't obey commands.
If he doesn't obey, he gets no reward, not even negative attention.
Leos encouraged to obey reckless, even deviant, impulses.
Then he knew he wouldn't be able to obey orders to shoot.
Watch the robot obey instructions to retrieve a stapler.
At some point the two would have to obey the same laws anyway.
In quantum field theory, gravitons can be mathematically proven to obey the equivalence principle.
Nature is forced to use probabilities in order to obey the principle of energy conservation in the long run.
What dark matter demands, ordinary matter doesn't always obey meekly.
Living things don't obey mechanical, deterministic laws in the same way as inanimate objects.
Apparently not, for any way of separating them has to obey causality.
So it became clear that it was wrong to think of protons as basic particles-they don't obey simple equations.
Science and medicine continue to ignore research and obey the pharmaceutical companies.
Every spinning object in the universe has angular momentum, and each must obey the same physical law as the figure skater.
Each cell must obey orders exactly, and if it doesn't it must commit suicide instantly.
His answer was that it was in my best interest to obey, no matter what.
We will obey the law, illegal activities simply cannot and will not be tolerated.
They are the ones that obey the law to the best of their ability.
The answer to such a market failure is for the society-that is, the government-to set standards that all factories must obey.
Physicists make no attempt to explain why things obey the law of electromagnetism or of gravitation.
They want automatons to obey their bosses, not priests capable of leading or inspiring a diverse, modern flock.
Until now, no one has been able to explain why trees obey this rule.
These objects, that don't quite obey regular shapes, all have fractal dimensions.
Wise lawmakers know that it is a mistake to promulgate legislation that is impossible to obey.
To choose their valiant captains and obey them loyally.
After which they were again brought before the governor, who asked them if they would at length obey the edicts of the emperors.
We whose voices you hear are your servants and shall obey all your commands with our utmost care and diligence.
What was necessary was to teach them to act together, and to obey orders.
To know how to obey requires as generous a disposition and as rational an education as to know how to command.
Some firms say the rule would be absurdly costly to obey, especially if it includes workers abroad, part-timers or contractors.
If the party tells them to get more fuel to the market, they would be wise to obey, regardless of the cost to their companies.
She was always ready to obey, always ready to serve.
As a soldier must guard and obey his commander, regardless of their personal feelings toward each other.
Far from being autonomous sources of information, then, genes must obey other factors that regulate when and how they function.
At first, people hesitated to use this free software because they wanted to obey the law.
If you have to pay for a new grill in your car, or new headlights then maybe you will slow down and obey the posted speed limit.
Any human thought obey evolution through the mechanism of life's cycles.
Actually, they even out exactly, for both phenomena obey to a inverse square law.
The group theoretic structure of gravitation fails to obey this sort of closure.
The heads of those agencies serve at the president's pleasure and obey his marching orders.
The destiny of people back then was to toil and obey.
Either way misunderstands the commandment, and cannot by reason motivate one to obey it.
Be prepared to travel on city streets and obey traffic signals.
When a law isn't enforced, people are less likely to obey it.
Those in charge, however, may be more interested in seeing you salute and obey than in giving you a free rein.
Obey all signs and stay on approved routes of travel.
Ride in a straight line, obey traffic signs and signals, and do not weave in and out of traffic.
Failure to obey warning devices at construction site.
They have the responsibility to arrest and request revocation of probationers who demonstrate an unwillingness to obey the law.
They are required to obey the laws of both countries.
People who ride bicycles or in-line skate at the side of the road must obey traffic signals, signs and laws.
Please obey posted signs indicating whether a permit is needed.
They expect it to be a place where objects obey laws.
He did it anyway, because it's his job to obey higher-ups.

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