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And yet, this cultural unifier is also blamed for contributing to high levels of diabetes and obesity on reservations.
The growing concern over obesity and diabetes could also fuel demand.
We're obsessed with sylphlike slimness, yet heading toward obesity.
Larger sizes would solve obesity by burning off extra calories.
Ultrasound images can be poor in patients with other conditions such as obesity, requiring doctors to resort to invasive tests.
Your obesity is leading to poor fuel economy and airline bankruptcies.
The symptom of metabolic syndrome that appears first is usually obesity, so this is generally regarded as the underlying cause.
For modern life disapproves of clutter, almost as much as it scorns obesity and fidgeting.
Policymakers are stepping up their campaigns to warn consumers about the dangers of obesity.
So too with obesity, which causes diseases such as diabetes: it is increasing fastest among those at the bottom of the heap.
Middle-income countries are also experiencing extraordinary levels of obesity.
It may also be responsible for rising levels of obesity and thus the heart disease which often accompanies being overweight.
And there was growing concern about obesity and junk food.
If you look at this article from a health point of view, it appears that being in a recession should help our obesity plight.
As the obesity epidemic accelerates, more researchers are looking to prenatal risk factors.
Having some curves is one thing, amorphous obesity quite another.
Researchers point to external causes of--and fixes for--the obesity pandemic.
Long-term effects include obesity, insulin resistance, and heart disease.
Researchers have identified an enzyme that could hold the key to reducing obesity.
It also makes high-sugar foods and beef artificially cheap, contributing to the obesity and diabetes epidemic.
And it's been linked to cancer and metabolic disorders leading to obesity.
It might help explain some of the health benefits of exercise and point the way to preventing obesity and diabetes.
People suffering from sleep-deprivation are at an increased risk for obesity, diabetes, psychological problems and car crashes.
Look at the bright side, this could reduce obesity in the fish population.
There killing themselves with food and obesity now anyway.
The food system hasn't changed all that much over the past decade, but the obesity problem has soared.
Look at the uptick in stories on obesity in the context of health care reform.
The patients were matched to control for characteristics, such as age or obesity, that might influence their recovery.
The health consequences of such a rise in obesity are staggering.
Surprisingly, obesity has also emerged as a risk factor.
Researchers says the link between obesity and more severe swine flu may be explained by physical pressure on the lungs.
Obesity, limited roaming space, and lack of companionship are thought to contribute to the early deaths.
They affect our health, influencing the risk of obesity and chronic diseases.
Public-health experts and obesity researchers attribute the trend in part to kids' increasingly sedentary lifestyles.
The national obesity epidemic did not happen in a vacuum.
Legislators are floating soda taxes to raise revenue and fight obesity.
The new findings also jibe with statistics on obesity.
Sugar has been blamed for a laundry list of health problems, including obesity and diabetes.
Past studies have found links between psoriasis and both obesity and heavy drinking.

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