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We have the highest percentage of overweight and obese patients in the industrialised world.
The only cure to being obese or overweight is will power.
Being overweight or obese increases the risks for unhealthy cholesterol levels.
One insists that government must use its legislative power to slim down an increasingly obese nation.
She was morbidly obese and had great difficulty walking even at the slowest pace.
People drive less when they have less to do, hence are rendered obese by virtue of being jobless.
Other studies have suggested that cloned mice are much more likely to become obese in middle age.
The restaurants were full of obese people eating these double-sized portions.
Moderately obese people live two to five years less than normal-size folks.
To examine the long-term weight loss and safety of an experimental weight-loss drug in obese adults.
In my opinion, once someone has become obese its reasonable to view it as a medical condition that must be treated.
In not so short, being fat and being obese are correlated but not the same.
Consistent with this, the brains of obese people often show signs of damage.
The animals have a tendency to overeat and become obese.
Early on, you'll find an obese hamster you'll need to exercise using a boxful of toys.
People no longer need to be quite as obese as before to qualify for weight loss surgery.
After all is not the real problem the cost obese people put on social programs.
And let's be careful with the weight limit on supposedly obese people.
They tracked the animals' percentage weight gain per decade, as well as their odds of being obese.
Obese people produce a lot of leptin and some develop metabolic syndrome.
Your call for reform is akin to ask a terminally ill obese patient to start jogging and dieting.
The share of obese people is about the dame as their share in the population.
Many people tend to think that all obese people have to do to solve their problems is eat less and move more.
Invest in the future character of our citizens through taxes on non-nutritious foods and denying driver's licenses to obese kids.
If your three best friends are obese, there's a good chance you will be.
Another study found that mice with a genetic abnormality that eliminated their brown fat became obese even without overeating.
Some of the benefactors would be the morbidly obese.
Bony outgrowths along a medieval monk's spine indicate that he was severely obese.
In early lab experiments, obese mice given extra leptin by injection seemed sated.
Currently, some of the cost of treating the obese falls on the general tax payer.
These proteins, they knew, are produced abundantly in the obese.
Gluttony is a model of an animal modified to become obese, so that it can be used in the laboratory to study diabetes.
The obese may soon have a new tool to curb hunger.
And put ourselves at risk of becoming seriously obese, and developing diabetes.
The cost of those nuclear power plants should also get rid of all these big obese lazy rich people.
Try taking care of yourself and eating the proper foods that are low in fats and your will probably not become diseased or obese.
Operations on obese patients tend to take longer for these and other reasons.
She said monkeys kept in homes often end up obese and suffering from emotional stress that takes the form of self-biting.
Let the smokers and morbidly obese band together and pay a premium reflective of their lifestyle.
Even moderately obese adults have double the risk of hypertension than people with normal weights.
However, not all people who are obese have sleep apnea.
Specific anatomical and physiological properties in the airways are more likely to be present in obese individuals with apnea.
Obesity does increase the risk of developing diabetes, but the disease involves more than being obese.
It is developing a surgical device to reduce the size of stomachs in obese patients.
The good news is that three-quarters of these obese teens said they were trying to lose weight.

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The obese is ... in a total delirium. For he is not only large, of a size opposed to normal morphology: he ... more
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