obediently in a sentence

Example sentences for obediently

Most parents obediently sign up-but often they are able to pay for only one or two, so they have to make a choice.
Obediently, the scribe smooths a wet clay tablet and gets out his stylus.
The roach creeps obediently inside and sits there quietly as the wasp lays her egg on its underside.
The roach creeps obediently into the burrow and sits there quietly, while the wasp plugs up the burrow with pebbles.
Most of the students retain some degree of doubt and confusion, even as the perform more and more obediently.
Obediently, magically, he will have pressed the weapon to his head.
She obediently collapses onto it, resting her chin on his knee while staring up at him with blind adoration.
They obediently rushed back, some on foot because their horses had been killed in the charge.

Famous quotes containing the word obediently

We need to nurture uniqueness and independence.... Ours must be schools for ego- strength—the child's ego, not the tea... more
The universe constantly and obediently answers to our conceptions; whether we travel fast or slow, the trac... more
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