obedient in a sentence

Example sentences for obedient

They were quiet, obedient and extremely well behaved.
Her sister suggested she lose weight and be more obedient.
But she knows which side her biscuit is buttered on and is extremely obedient.
But his words may, of late, be falling on less obedient ears.
The emperor was asked by the foreigner how he menages to keep an obedient society.
She won't look at us much, and is shaky and nervous sometimes, even though she remains perfectly obedient.
We got a trainer that came to the house and she is obedient now and listens to commands.
Firms trying to dream up new kinds of financial derivatives need employees who are inventive rather than obedient.
Obedient and disciplined are not necessarily militaristically imposed as you seem to think.
Some governments covertly harp on this naive adage to coerce their people to be obedient citizens.
Rebels and cynics don't adapt as well to enforced conformity as obedient apple polishers.
Obedient but with a wild streak, the sled dogs are actually eager to be harnessed and start patrolling.
Wherever you go, this obedient, intelligent ether will anticipate your needs and await your every command.
Acts of civil disobedience thrive on attempts to make them obedient.
The effect of scolding was more pronounced when the dogs were obedient, not disobedient.
He stared at the ball and seemed to make it obedient.
Even though your dog is obedient, it is required under ordinance that you keep your dog on a leash.

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