obedience training in a sentence

Example sentences for obedience training

Dogs may be able to understand far more words than a typical owner teaches them during obedience training.
Right now they have gone through complete obedience training and know a bunch of fun tricks.
We took our puppy to puppy kindergarten and more obedience training.
We can tell that she has had some training, but will still get obedience training after she has gotten acclimated to us.
Enrolling your puppy early in obedience training helps establish proper behavior and possibly avoiding future unwanted issues.
The original special exception allows for a boarding kennel for pets, grooming, indoor obedience training and doggy daycare.
We strongly recommend group obedience training to strengthen the relationship with your dog.
Dogs that have never undergone any formal obedience training.
Consult with your veterinarian or consider professional dog obedience training.
Excessive or unnecessary obedience training may tend to strengthen the dog-to-human bond and disrupt the dog-to-sheep bond.
Teaches and supervises obedience training and conducts physical exercise with the dog and the handlers.
Dog obedience training can prevent behavioral problems and solve existing ones.
Basic obedience training is a must for a safety reason.
Obedience training will make a happy dog and a happy owner.
Always work with obedience training with your dog and be creative.
The program is informational and obedience training is not part of the presentation, however, dogs are welcome at each program.
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