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Example sentences for oats

They owned a strong and productive horse with one flaw, its need for expensive oats.
Oats and maple also pair nicely in scones, cookies or even beer.
Freshly toasted oats, lightly sweetened with local honey and real maple syrup.
These sinfully rich bars pack the benefits of whole-wheat flour, wheat germ, and rolled oats.
Place the oats in a bowl and toss with the oil until thoroughly coated.
Other tasty and healthy alternatives to cow's milk include those made from rice, almonds, oats-and even hemp.
Oats and rye were domesticated much later than other grains.
Ears of oats are inserted in its nostrils and mouth, and it is adorned with garlands of flowers.
Ay, sir, they be ready: the oats have eaten the horses.
The price of oats is a better price than was to be had on the average of protective times.
Instead, they seem to have been used to store wild barley and wild oats.
But villagers still scratch only a modest living from wheat, oats and a few animals.
The first tractors had few advantages over the best horses, but they did not eat hay or oats.
Brose is essentially a cereal water, made by soaking oats in water.
Sift dry ingredients together into a large bowl, except for the oats.
Combine the peanuts and rolled oats on a baking sheet.
The value of oats to a farmer is largely determined by their test weight.

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