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Ardent label readers scan nutritional labels for ingredients that they don't want in their diet.
Frying the little suckers might take away some of the nutritional value, but this might still be better than a candy bar.
As with fast food, the taste has instant appeal and is addictive, but the nutritional value is low.
The nutritional requirements for humans and monkeys has been well established by reliable peer reviewed studies for decades.
And by the way, almost all mental illness is nutritional deficiencies.
Rice doesn't have to be cooked to be digestible, only the outer shell has to be broken to release some nutritional value.
For example yeast cells retain memory of their nutritional environment.
Add some enzymes or nutritional supplements to kick it up.
Advances in genetic engineering could enhance the yield and nutritional benefit of crops.
The world-wide preference for animal protein therefore reflects an adaptive cultural and nutritional strategy.
Both pay more attention to technical stats than nutritional value.
In spite of this rapid population growth, by demographic and nutritional standards average human well-being has improved.
There are no genetically engineered crops in production that increase yield or nutritional value.
Food companies have taken to trumpeting the supposed health and nutritional benefits of their products for obvious reasons.
Half of the offenders received daily nutritional supplements, and the rest placebo pills.
They are much smaller than their mates, and thus of rather limited nutritional value.
But with little knowledge of nutritional values, their diets are now unbalanced and unhealthy.
To me, that implies excessive standardization and reduced nutritional content.
As for veg food is less nutritional that's a numb-headed notion as well.
What is maybe more pressing for the world's poor, the nutritional value is lower than for traditionally-produced crops.
It is surely more a function of lifelong habits both nutritional and physical hewn over decades.
Look at the supermarket aisles and see how many products have no nutritional value.
Cattle will eat it, but its nutritional value is low and it causes diarrhoea.
The plants are full of medicinal and nutritional properties and grow in dry tropical regions around the world.
Their physical and nutritional needs are coming clear, species by species.
Eliminating foods from your diet can increase the risk of nutritional deficiencies.
Once overhunting leads to empty forests, the people will have few nutritional alternatives.
Frozen foods retain much of their nutritional content, in addition to cutting energy costs in transportation.
Furthermore, age and nutritional status can also influence the condition and color of the coat.
They work in state-of-the-art facilities, sleep in dormitories, eat meals tailored to their nutritional needs.
Organisms in the food web are grouped into trophic, or nutritional, levels.
Certain flowers have adapted their pollen to appeal to the hummingbird's nutritional needs.
In subsistence fishing, fishers use their catch to help meet the nutritional needs of their families or communities.
People with cancer are at risk for developing nutritional deficiencies.
The main nutritional challenge was avoiding starvation in late winter if primary meat sources became too scarce or lean.
The first drug targeting telomeres, now sold as a nutritional supplement, will soon face the harsh light of peer review.
On a per unit basis the potato was nutritional gold.
Early farmers had to have had a good reason to give up all the nutritional benefit derived from continued hunting and gathering.
But there is a part of your brain-the hypothalamus-that monitors the nutritional status of your cells.
Farming can extract an order of magnitude more calories per unit of land, but at the cost of nutritional diversity.
There may be other nutritional supplements, as well, that can help you with gender selection.
Of course, no one knows whether scavenging reaped enough caloric and nutritional returns to make it worthwhile for our forebears.
There's only so much you can eat, and there are diminishing returns on nutritional inputs.
Biology have already shown us males reach their vitality peak earlier than females, regardless of nutritional advancement.
These relatively unknown berries also pack a serious nutritional punch, including antioxidant levels that are off the charts.
Deft cooking techniques retain the food's nutritional quality and rich, fresh flavors.
But large meals and fatty foods don't have to spell nutritional disaster.
What's important is the overall nutritional profile.
But it only removes starch and sugars which have no nutritional value to mammals.
True, many other factors affect nutritional quality and there is no set rule as to which system produces more nutritious food.
So requiring sodium levels on the nutritional labels on foods is pretty much worthless.
One in four preschoolers in developing countries suffers from hunger and nutritional deficiencies.
They probably had high metabolic rates and correspondingly high nutritional requirements.
People carrying more weight could have more energy and nutritional stores to draw upon.
We can easily retrain our colour sense to achieve more healthy nutritional lifestyle habits.
But researchers are still figuring out whether nutritional deprivation can prevent or cure some diseases-and if so, how.
All these groups have low nutritional status but reach significantly different average height levels.
Why not try to isolate alien microbes by using a nutritional broth to wish is added a mixture of antibiotics.
It is important to remember that nutritional reserves may offer a survival advantage in some illnesses.
Which currently includes foods boosted with a nutritional supplement derived from pig placenta.
Ground flax seed provides more nutritional benefits than does the whole seed.
There is a color code to food, meaning that if you pick the right color, there can be a nutritional payoff.
Features a fruit and vegetable of the month and highlights its nutritional information.
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