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When food is full of nutrition our bodies have an automatic shutoff to eating too much.
One professor of nutrition, food studies and public health says this is a pretty good start, but more can be done.
Food insecurity leads to poor nutrition, high disease burden and hunger-induced violence.
For example, their multiple stomachs probably allowed them to extract maximum nutrition from their food.
Once his interest shifted definitively to food and nutrition, he was seldom out of the public eye.
Producers, also known as autotrophs, make their own food and do not depend on any other organism for nutrition.
Advocates of nanotechnology say it can increase food safety and nutrition.
Providing easy, online access to government information on food and human nutrition for consumers.
Nutrition is the process by which your body gets energy and nutrients from the food you eat.
Originally, school nutrition was slated to be paid for by cuts in a farm conservation program.
Being in this hot and humid environment makes it important to get the right nutrition and supplements into your body.
This nutrition and workout plan is designed to age-proof your body and mind.
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out nutrition.
Most people can benefit from looking at basic nutrition or supplementation.
Skincare confuses me the same way nutrition does.
The chapters on lifestyle and nutrition are also useful.
She has no idea what good nutrition is.
Even in weightlifting and nutrition, young athletes and their parents want major-league results.
Good nutrition has got have some positive effect.
Some nutrition labels note whether a nondairy milk's calcium supplement is equal to the calcium in cow's milk.
Refreshed and healed by that good banana nutrition, the monkey heads off.
As pine trees grow all over the world, their seeds are a ubiquitous source of nutrition and pleasure.
They do need pasture, as much for the exercise and to have a way not to be miserable as for nutrition.
Practicing good nutrition keeps your mind sharp, your body fit, and your life long.
Salomon also makes a well-fitting hydration vest that carries water and nutrition.
All that nutrition and energy vanishes with barely a trace.
All the flavor of a hamburger with none of the nutrition.
The panel featured several politicians and nutrition experts.
Seems that dirt doesn't offer much in the way of nutrition-but it may protect against toxins, pathogens and parasites.
Marginalized populations have more health problems related to poor nutrition and prenatal care.
The trick will be developing a microbial fuel cell to extract electrons from the source of nutrition.
You'll get more nutrition and fewer calories, ounce for ounce, in the fruit.
On one side of the argument, public health advocates point to the twin nutrition epidemics of under and over nutrition.
But rising incomes do not always translate into better health, say, or better nutrition.
It is an excellent source of nutrition for farmed fish.
Her work has been published at various cooking and nutrition websites.
It is critical to ensure adequate nutrition, sanitation, and medical care for populations around the world.
But a fungus needs nutrition as well as a comfortable environment.
Those are the things that are the biggest threat to health in our world, as well as not having clean water and nutrition.
The human officers are taught canine nutrition and basic dog care by veterinarians.
The triangular nutrition guide, rendered useless by its latest redesign, is being replaced.
We are certainly taller on average than past generations, a consequence of improvements in nutrition.
Their bodies' instinctive need for nutrition drew them irresistibly to the tortoise's vitamin-rich heart and liver.
That's because environmental factors such as nutrition, sunlight also influence growth and shape.
Some are stunted in their physical and mental growth because of improper nutrition.
Five out of eight skeletons showed signs of health problems ranging from high fevers and infections to poor nutrition.
Everything in the biologist in me goes against specializing on conifers, because the nutrition is so low.
Dairy cows fed nutritious diets bear more bull calves than cows with poorer nutrition.
Some school districts and nutrition experts are removing chocolate milk from lunchrooms, claiming the drink has too much sugar.
Some nutrition experts argue that the balance of responsibility needs to fall more heavily on society at large.
Good nutrition is necessary for keeping the body functioning normally, maintaining a healthy weight, and preventing disease.

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