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The hospital's visiting-nurse liaison would help us by making arrangements for outpatient nursing care.
Kids can print illustrations of nurse sharks and other animals to color or use in school projects.
Bison cows give birth after nine months and nurse their calves for about a year.
The nurse then scans the medicine container and the system registers the dosage.
Ask any nurse you know that has worked in a hospital.
My sharp-eyed companions pointed out barracuda and a nurse shark, lying quietly in the shallows.
The lemon and nurse sharks inside instantly darted to the opposite wall.
Nurse wearing a mask as protection against influenza.
In addition, you should tie the legs of the calf so it does not immediately try to nurse the cow.
The third holds an endoscope-usually a job for a human nurse.
She leaves the cave twice each night to feed, returning to nurse the pup.
Practice good hygiene and call a doctor or nurse if you have questions.
If you breastfeed, you'll have to figure out how to pump and/or nurse throughout the day.
Not being able to nurse and choosing not to ever nurse are two different things.
In cases where the patient was not able on his own to administer the lethal dose, a doctor or nurse would be permitted to do so.
The village nurse has no antibiotics, let alone good transport.
Finally, a nurse directs him to an examination room, tells him to drop his pants and lie face down on the examination table.
It's already had plenty of shots and the nurse is having trouble finding a vein.
My mom grew up with the option of being a teacher or a nurse in her family.
The cubs continue to be swapped for months, until they can eat solid foods and no longer need to nurse.
Make sure you thank a doctor or nurse for curing you instead of thanking an imaginary sky-daddy.
Schick asked the nurse again, and again she refused to handle the flowers.
Generally, she will nurse them for two and a half years.
In infancy, scrofulous lymph nodes were found in his neck and attributed to the tuberculosis of his wet nurse.
Pregnancy lasts nearly a year, and the calves nurse for about ten months.
Defeated ganders go off for a spell to nurse their wounds, but they always return.
Here, the initiative to end a life is transferred from the subject to someone else, typically to a doctor or a nurse.
He clenches his teeth as the nurse sticks the needle in again.
She wants to be a nurse because her father is a famous surgeon.
Her task was to nurse, to cultivate, to soften that powerful imagination.
Those people are going to nurse one drink and skip dessert, giving you a net loss.
And he used it to nurse some orphan calves given to him by a neighbor in exchange for some labor.
For eighteen months this pretty little nurse was beside herself with worry.
Leroy thought as he walked past the reception desk and was not even acknowledged by the head-down nurse seated there.
Corrie lived in an apartment complex near the college where she was learning to be a nurse.
She sought chiropractic treatments for a neck injury and helped nurse a priest dying of cancer.
They have squandered a legacy, and in their hearts they nurse the fear that perhaps it has been lost forever.
Nurse sharks may help detect-and treat-anthrax and other infectious diseases.
Learn why humans have little to fear, and much to learn, from nurse sharks.
Females nurse their calves for almost a year, though it takes far longer than that for a humpback whale to reach full adulthood.
Falsehood is often rocked by truth but she soon outgrows her cradle and discards her nurse.
As he describes it, he asked the nurse to repeat what she had said, fascinated by her likes cuddled.
Most of these efforts are too piecemeal to nurse whole ecosystems back to health.
The nurse removes a wrinkled top sheet but leaves the bottom one.
They are surprised by a nurse who hurries out of the room, but the next day they are at it again.
The nurse asked if the contractions were five minutes apart and lasted more than a minute.
In her six months as a nurse's aide, she had become thoughtful about the subtle hierarchy of human disintegration.
Next is the infirmary-a nurse is unsure what certain medicines do and how they should be stored.
Bayer planned to leave the navy and become a nurse, where she would have a better chance of doing such things.
Kate, who looked stunning and toned from her training, was dressed in a revealing naughty nurse's outfit.
Oddly, there was a nurse on hand in the otherwise empty office where they directed him to sit.
As the third day dawned, another nurse finally called for help.
Complaining that she was light-headed, she left the trauma room and sat at a nurse's desk.
We both donned gloves and the nurse gently pulled back the bedsheets.
Infusing calcium through the artery made the nurse uneasy.
After a few hours, the nurse rushed over, shouting that the patient wasn't breathing.
To be a nurse officer you must meet these professional and academic training requirements.

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