nuptials in a sentence

Example sentences for nuptials

We've even heard a rumor of a doggie nuptials ceremony.
All things in the house were in a bustle against the approaching nuptials.
Thousands of supporters turned out to celebrate the first nuptials.
Her toned backside received almost as much attention as the royal nuptials.
The anticipation of the upcoming nuptials is overwhelming.
But she may have to plan the nuptials around a new job.
They have kept details of their upcoming nuptials under wraps.
But not all royal nuptials include a commoner bride and an all-you-can-eat buffet.
Today's couples are older, more established and more likely to pay for their own nuptials.
Gannets form some of the strongest pair-bonding among seabirds, and begin nuptials months before nesting.
Days before the nuptials of the year, however, her caterer dies.
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