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The bride will be a vision in traditional nuptial white, right down to her.
Eight months and eight days ago, tonight's nuptial couple met at a party attended by professed vampires and vampire wannabees.
Their explosive acts of heroism are fatal but fruitless attempts to prevent other males from consummating your nuptial flight.
Today, of course, people are far too pragmatic to consider whether or not their nuptial plans uphold ancient patrician values.
The film begins conventionally enough, with the happy couple's nuptial ceremony.
Everyone, in fact, seems downright delirious--from the usual near- frantic nuptial logistics and from unconcealed fiscal rapture.
They hold a pre-nuptial feast, one that the governor attends.
Sparrows mate and nest, termites appear suddenly for brief nuptial flights, and even human couples are seen pairing off.
Similar to nuptial adults, but somewhat more deeply or richly colored.
The queen mates during one period of her life in a series of excursions called nuptial flights.
Mature males have gray swollen pads, called nuptial pads, on the thumbs.
The males bore through the bark and construct a nuptial chamber in which they mate with multiple females.

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