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The city features major retailers, numerous restaurants and internationally recognized wineries.
During the past decade, numerous discoveries have been made that have confirmed the hypothesis that birds evolved from dinosaurs.
There are numerous decking materials that accommodate a wide variety of lifestyles and budgets.
Progress is the result of numerous small increments with the occasional breakthrough.
The metropolitan area is cosmopolitan and offers numerous cultural and recreational opportunities.
Numerous brands of wind turbines as well as kits and plans for home-built turbines are available for residential use.
Numerous studies have linked heart disease and air pollution, particularly smog.
If one species has a larger population than the other, the less numerous species will sort of blend into the larger species.
Painless e-mail setup works well with numerous hosts.
Numerous other bloggers then took up the theme as well.
Interest rates and terms have all been adjusted numerous times.
True, the text was a bit sparse, but the numerous pop-ups and side panels kept me well entertained.
Numerous publishers are reporting subscription surges for their newspaper and magazine apps.
The numerous meetings, the endless back-and-forth, the multiple revisions.
As the article notes, coal's advantages are numerous.
Numerous studies have so far reported success at coaxing adult stem cells into various cell types under different conditions.
You'll receive detailed explanations of our numerous exhibits.
Despite numerous improvements in the design of chips, microprocessors are still bound by their internal clocks.
The area is noted for the many recreational activities and numerous lakes, streams and both state and federal parks.
Signs of the regime's fading legitimacy are numerous.
Saltbush is a shrub with a woody base and numerous herbaceous upper stems.
It still finds numerous applications in electronics, however, for example in infrared detectors.
The irony, of course, is that we're also living in a time of numerous extinctions.
Crosses between these two species have resulted in numerous cultivars of specific colors and forms.
Offering numerous unique programmes in the region, it is the largest publicly-funded tertiary.
When mortgages are sliced into numerous pieces it is far harder to get lenders to agree on changing their terms.
Numerous hotels are offering a free night's lodging when you pay for three, four, or five nights.
But even after two years and numerous retellings, the emotion still sneaks up on him.
Hence, the numerous paradoxes of our decentralised market systems.
The numerous small outer moons may be asteroids captured by the giant planet's gravity.
Numerous genes involved in health and disease have been found using gene targeting.
The grounds contain numerous outbuildings and an archival barn for special summer exhibits.
There are numerous still ros├ęs, but don't forget about sparkling ones.
The plausible alternative explanations for the differences in results are numerous.
For species with longer generations, examples are less numerous.
Many more grants have followed, with the trust supporting the work of numerous pioneering conservationists.
Additionally, there are numerous hazards to a system beyond the control of the installer or manufacturer.
Not only is napping natural, but it has numerous benefits.
In summer, numerous fluffy spikes of small white flowers give effect of snow on branches.
We do get numerous calls from parents and students who do have questions.
Numerous deposits have been identified off the coasts of all of the continents.
Summer rains can bring spectacular clouds and numerous waterfalls.
The benefits of judicious decentralization are numerous.
But occasionally, a recipe needs to be made numerous times to guarantee success for our readers.
And during the inaugural ceremonies, he made numerous verbal.
And, whichever they are doing, they will be going to and from numerous different platforms.
It is one of numerous planned eco-cities around the world that have fizzled, many because of cost.
Crowds formed, seemingly spontaneously, in numerous parts of the district.
So far, digging has turned up only numerous goat and sheep remains.
When it decided to integrate its acquisition more fully after five years, there were numerous squabbles and defections.
The area was characterized by a warm climate and numerous lakes.
Numerous small lakes that are kept filled by groundwater are visible in the image.
Numerous studies demonstrate that, when the threat of punishment is removed, people tend to disregard social norms.
Since then, numerous experiments using photons have proved that quantum teleportation is possible.
So far deep-source cooling is only practical for communities with numerous buildings located near large bodies of water.
The report cites numerous examples of nature reserves whose purpose of wildlife protection is being seriously undermined.
Usually, these are questions that have been put forth numerous times before and seemingly resolved.
Our health and well-being are determined by numerous daily cost-benefit calculations.
His proposal, still on the drawing board, faces numerous technical and political obstacles.
The deaths were as horrifying as they were numerous.
The defendant suffers from emphysema and numerous other health complaints.
Known as an artists' haven, there are numerous art galleries.
If measures are taken to harvest chord blood before clotting, there are numerous amounts of cells for research.
Sanborn has been contacted over the years by numerous people who believed they'd solved the puzzle.
Also, you may want to search or browse old topics, as this question has been addressed numerous times.
Hunter has observed numerous such takeover battles among his study population and generally refrains from taking sides.
Early adopters, meanwhile, have numerous options in the retrofit area.
Numerous studies have shown a relationship between the price of food, especially junk food, and body weight.
There's been a research said that abusing anabolic steroids can carry numerous health risks.
She has presented at numerous conferences and published articles and book reviews.
There are numerous references to it in veterinary literature.
The newspaper examined his application materials and found numerous inconsistencies and careless errors.
He has not expressed that he loves me, but he has told me numerous times he really cares about me.
The reasons for learning languages are numerous-if not always obvious.
He was hauled before the police board numerous times, facing a smorgasbord of charges that should have gotten him fired.
Even better, the last skeleton found that season was a nearly-complete hadrosaur, including numerous skin impressions.
And since few of us are celebrities, the latter are far more numerous.
The florists were using solutions heavy with metals, no gloves, numerous cuts on their hands.
Both places offer numerous financial products, such as exchange-traded funds linked to indices, that can be shorted.
It thus distorts economic decisions less than an income tax, which is charged at varying rates with numerous exemptions.
It was too much for the ruling al-Khalifa dynasty, which decided to squash the protesters before they became too numerous.
But they are undermined by the book's numerous errors and unsupported allegations.
There are, no doubt, numerous legal and regulatory issues to be overcome for a bail-in to work.
After numerous government denials of the rumours and emergency shipments of salt to affected cities, the panic subsided.
Numerous other deals of this sort are in the works, say local lawyers.
But they also showed numerous changes of behaviour that were different from those seen in chimpanzees.
The shortages of components made in affected areas have already shut down numerous factories across the country.
No matter how you count them, the rich are growing more numerous.
Both sets of veins are provided with valves, which are more numerous in the deep than in the superficial set.
Valves are also more numerous in the veins of the lower than in those of the upper limb.
The skin of the leg is thin, especially on the medial side, and is covered with numerous large hairs.
Of the numerous publications which remain to show the fruits of his busy pen, scarce one is read to-day.
Besides these there are numerous smaller septa, separating the individual muscles, and enclosing each in a distinct sheath.
The nerves are numerous and are derived from the ciliary nerves.
Small multipolar cell, in which the axon quickly divides into numerous branches.
Its vessels are not numerous, the capillaries being of small size, uniting at long and wide intervals.
Interspersed between the bundles of connective tissue are numerous branched cells with fine processes.
The fossa is filled with fatty tissue across which numerous fibrous bands extend from side to side.
These deep veins have numerous anastomoses, not only with each other, but also with the superficial veins.
Defending it against my numerous sportswriting colleagues who say it really isn't a sport.
It is home to numerous bed-and-breakfasts, ski resorts and affordable hotels and lodges.
Yao hasn't been able to recover fully from numerous operations.
Among them are numerous older hotels that bore witness to the birth and growth of the city over the last century.
Having to take numerous steps through a half-broken experimental browser in a disabled-by-default advanced mode is silly.
Several studies have exposed the text as a hoax, but it's still available in numerous languages and editions.
Model makers had to pore over numerous prospective building plans to accurately depict the forward-looking cityscape.
Because planets are far less numerous than asteroids, this process would be much rarer.
While avalanches are sudden, the warning signs are almost always numerous before they let loose.
Major forest fires are both more numerous and more devastating than they were a generation ago in the region.
These include numerous species of corals, marine snails, and crust-building algae.
As students will see, there have been and continue to be numerous studies of sharks and their behaviors and habitats.
Ask students to pretend they are on a fossil dig in an area that contains numerous dinosaur fossils.
The finds suggest that instead, numerous species existed, and each adapted to different environments.
However, all the courses have tree-lined fairways and numerous bunkers.
Though dingoes are numerous, their pure genetic strain is gradually being compromised.
The findings fit with numerous studies supporting a long-term global warming trend.
The mark of a genuine scholar is getting things done rather than starting numerous projects.
The current students' obsession with grading can be solved with numerous instruments--feedback can be numeric or commentary.
There are numerous excellent companies who provide software learning guides.
Numerous blog suggestions advocated for better pay and working conditions.
He has won numerous awards for his writing and investigative reporting.
The result is that numerous colleges have narrowed the gap with the elites.
The answers, now found in many languages, are numerous and various.
There were numerous parodic representations of the monument, the photo, the pose.
We have won art awards too numerous to list, and the magazine is established as a leading showcase for illustration and design.
Moreover, numerous provinces have submitted their own plans that still include double-digit growth.
It's home to numerous well-tolerated legal brothels, more testament to that libertarian spirit.
The distinguishing fact of the literary economy is that books are numerous.
He has won numerous journalism awards, and was selected as one of the twentieth century's top one hundred business journalists.
Life is complicated, the options of the marketplace are numerous, and the human intellect is frail.
Regular exercise leads to numerous and varied physiological changes that are beneficial from a health standpoint.
The number of ways to bang up the brain are almost as numerous as the people who sustain these injuries.
Distributed computing projects spread difficult problems out among numerous computers, sometimes around the world.
The technique involves gene insertion by a virus vector and exposure to numerous regulatory proteins.
Nearly all human cells contain these numerous microscopic projections.
It has a feature that has prevented it from becoming widely popular-numerous big seeds fill its sweet white flesh.
They're used in personal care, household and cosmetic products as well as for numerous industrial applications.
And, yes, numerous factors can result in lower local sea level while overall sea level is increasing.
He surrounded himself with family and friends, watched numerous comedy films and sought out positive affirmations.
Contrary to this, bio identical hormones have shown numerous benefits and have shown to have anti cancer properties.
There are numerous scientists who fit that bill but hardly any political leaders.
After numerous investigations and reinvestigations the facts remain unclear.
No doubt her numerous piano works are not intellectually challenging or stylistically pathbreaking.
Amid the turmoil and excitement, numerous political currents competed.
Rather he insisted, and in numerous articles and speeches pleaded, that the horrors of nuclear war made it foolhardy not to try.
Numerous attempts to farm it failed and it was widely believed that the soils were too poor to support agriculture.
Both kinds of groups were numerous, and both were relevant to the revolution.
Right now it's impossible for a consumer to get an accurate gauge of energy use without deploying numerous expensive sensors.
Sensors for detecting small amounts of gases have numerous applications.
Numerous studies show that stock market prices are not random and this implies that they ought to be predictable.
And yet the brain outperforms the best computers in numerous tasks.
There are numerous others with different properties such as speed and shape.
There are numerous advantages to putting flash memory into laptops.
There are numerous shortcuts and tricks that a clever programmer can exploit to give the impression of empathy and understanding.
There are numerous other ways to destroy cancer cells and they have been forbidden.
BP has avoided capping or restricting the flow from the well even though numerous opportunities have been available.
We have numerous solutions to the present dependency problem.
From the university itself to numerous smaller subcultures within, college provides an opportunity to belong.
Numerous hypotheses have been proposed to explain high fatality rates of bats.
Anecdotal evidence is a start, but there are numerous biases that render anecdotes highly unreliable.
The billionaire's wealth and influence have weathered numerous reversals of fortunes.
But a change in dress, particularly to a uniform, can have numerous positive effects.
They helped put numerous mafiosi, one by one and in groups, behind bars.
Numerous organizations sponsored walks, runs and bike trips.
That's not always the case with the numerous fees charged by mortgage lenders.
In numerous ways, you are better off if you adhere to the existing situation.

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