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Ring-tailed lemurs may be primitive detours off the primate line, but they have impressive numerical abilities.
But they've relied mostly on numerical rankings and have rarely contained descriptive explanations.
The rating is a numerical measure of the team's strength.
Numerical study of foraging behavior with short and long range movement in heterogeneous environments.
It has come up in another thread that many suggest dropping the numerical course designations in your listing.
They are less hung up on specific numerical qualifiers, and looking holistically at students.
However, considering its numerical dominance now, the company is not doomed.
Those goals become the basis for our next numerical rating the following week.
But there is no dispute that the higher capabilities of modern weaponry make simple numerical comparisons inadequate.
The metabolite reacts with chemicals in the paper, revealing a simple numerical code.
Positive feedback defeats calculus when unlimited magnification does not smooth a trajectory, hence numerical solutions.
Computer simulation or numerical calculation does not show you if your system of axioms if any is consistent for example.
To do that, each diagnosis was defined by a list of symptoms, with numerical thresholds.
Numerical reasoning seems independent of language.
Think of it this way: even in the absence of numerical counting, one-to-one correspondences can be used to measure relative sizes.
The second is a graphic and numerical pacing screen that shows your pace against a target.
Essentially, the basic idea behind a numerical calculation.
Plain lack of numerical, probabilistic and economic reasoning.
Theory and numerical simulations are gradually making progress on this tough problem.
It is a numerical parameter that is necessary to make the model fit the observed data.
The computer broke the images into a number of so-called numerical descriptors.
Her job was to identify the colour, then give the correct numerical answer.
Still, given the numerical and procedural odds against it, the opposition will struggle to make headway.
But beyond that slight numerical improvement, the list as a whole seemed more inclusive.
But the database doesn't provide numerical rankings.
He was obsessed with numerical calculation and arcane research.
The only thing that throws off the numerical symmetry is the price.
Numerical weather prediction involves the use of mathematical models of the atmosphere to predict the weather.

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