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Usually this means presenting perceptual information rather than symbolic or numeric.
So even though her numeric scores didn't change, she was demoted to bronze.
The numeric keypad is not a satisfactory input device for educational uses.
Lots of handy numeric tools, and easy multidimensional array manipulation.
To relate to and come up with adjectives for an numeric-alpha-soup.
The real clincher is the coincident numeric value of the flattening.
Completely unemotional about everything and believe that everything can be and should be reduced to numeric rationality.
Measures attention, concentration, and numeric reasoning.
We cannot prove anything about any individual, and it's even difficult to establish numeric values for groups.
The image files will be reviewed in their alpha-numeric order as listed in the folder.
The current students' obsession with grading can be solved with numerous instruments--feedback can be numeric or commentary.
Also, some universities post only the numeric scores for faculty, which is disappointing.
Numeric indicators without mention to methodology are ridiculous.
Numeric keypads are the best things to happen to bathroom locks.
Write the word form of the whole dollar amount written in the numeric section of the check.
The numeric pinpoints on the map correspond to the results listed on the page.
Numeric keys are a little crammed together for the fat-fingered set.
Numeric keypad to the right of the keyboard is cool and convenient.
With the addition of a simple numeric keypad and headphones, the visually impaired can vote independently.

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