numbness in a sentence

Example sentences for numbness

My feet have lost all feeling and the tips of my fingers are following them into numbness.
People who eat the meat have reported temporary problems such as numbness in the mouth, skin rashes, and stomach aches.
Remember, it generally starts with a numbness on the left arm.
Here are the symptoms: pain or numbness in the hand-especially the pinky and ring fingers.
Numbness or pain in the other limbs and sluggish digestion are also common.
If the spinal cord were compressed enough to cause total body numbness, there should be arm or leg weakness too.
His eardrum would heal, and his rash and numbness would probably fade away.
As the voltage increased, the stimulation had caused numbness in her mouth and throat, with obvious effects on her speech.
These headaches come with a sort of numbness, and now she notices some other things that aren't as they should be.
The ecstatic highs that writing gave him were followed by precipitous drops into terrifying numbness.
Increased pain or numbness during this test is usually a sign of pressure on a nerve in your neck.
Mid-range doses cause numbness throughout the body, with changes in perception that may result in extreme anxiety and violence.
Numbness and tingling should get better or disappear.
Other signs that circulation is inadequate include pale or blue skin, numbness or tingling, and loss of pulse.
Call your doctor if you have weakness or numbness in your face.
Some numbness is common afterward, but it rarely bothers patients.
If the bones in the spine are affected, it can put pressure on the nerves, resulting in numbness or weakness of the arms or legs.
If your body temperature drops too low, you can suffer numbness and tingling, or even frostbite.
After a couple hours out in the cold the beauty of the space was outweighed by the numbness in my fingers and toes.
He's talking about a loose feeling and numbness down to his hand.
Abnormal bone structure or ill-fitting shoes can cause pain, burning, tingling or numbness.
Signs: white or grayish yellow skin area, numbness, skin that feels unusually firm or waxy.
Could also be compartment syndrome which would cause numbness after exercising.
Symptoms include neck pain, arm weakness and numbness extending along the inner forearm into the medial two fingers.
Signs and symptoms include numbness, tingling or prickling in the toes or fingers in early stages.

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