nullify in a sentence

Example sentences for nullify

Such actions, if carried out extensively, might well nullify the law.
Be prepared to nullify or overturn the results.
How do you nullify the few bad apples who consistently bring your average down.
The majority of these are passive and therefore nullify your point.
The voices of both generations of women are honest and forthright, and nullify many myths about the mother-daughter relationship.
This does not nullify the theory.
It'll come down to sheer aggression and luck, which will nullify skill.
Missing class does not nullify a due date.
Slight movements by a test subject can nullify the results.
Opponents around the country vowed that they would eventually nullify the law through ballots and constitutional amendments.
They may strike you from a jury if you do not agree under oath to do so, but the right to nullify exists.
The simple fact that both express a similar opinion does not in any way nullify these differences in consequence.
In effect, the brain is trying to nullify the drug's effects.
Were it in the form of laser beams, it might be possible to intercept a beam and nullify it with an out-of-phase transmitter.
It wasn't enough for us to nullify disabling conditions and get to zero.
Politicians can make all the ridiculous laws they want, but our peers should be free to nullify them in the courts.
He also has incorporated methods for suppressing an alarm when process conditions nullify its usefulness.
However, hairy nightshade present in alfalfa or spearmint, can nullify the cleansing effect of these rotation crops.
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