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We need to nudge police agencies to create a climate that destroys the confidence of those with violent plans.
But plenty of students are right on the bubble, where a little nudge might bring them out of academic risk.
So the best bet is a series of more moderate options to nudge lenders in the right direction.
He used the space station's robot arm to nudge the bus-size lab into place.
Researchers nudge closer to the goal of quantum computing.
We head back with a barrel full of lobsters, rumble into the harbor and nudge up alongside the co-op.
Each nudge extracts an invisible price in terms of customer loyalty.
The latest surge in oil prices threatens to nudge it higher.
As the stack gets higher and higher, it would be more likely to fall over from a slight nudge.
Even the biggest firms usually lack the market power to nudge prices upward.
Nudge the corner of the paper carefully away from the mold, if necessary, onto the fabric.
To make it rotate takes nothing more than a nudge from a scanning tunneling microscope tip.
Use mid-powered lasers to nudge space junk off collision courses.
When electrodes stimulate a certain patch of this cortex, a rat feels a nudge on its left whiskers.
They orbit in a perpetual deep freeze until some subtle gravitational nudge upsets the delicate balance.
People are copying each other, and a small nudge can send everyone in the same direction.
So the administration has opted to try a shove instead of a nudge.
He would come over and nudge you to try to get something off your plate.
The government will tighten welfare for single parents, some disabled people and others, all designed to nudge them into jobs.
People would shout and point and nudge each other out of the way, demanding they get their fair share.
To nudge the relatives who are interested in digital music, a number of music sites sell gift cards or certificates.
In the past he always gives me a brief nudge and bark to say he needs to go out.
It's a way to accelerate the growth of web apps and to nudge other browser vendors into adopting new features.
The design exists purely to nudge our behavior in a certain direction.
Depressingly often, the wink develops into a nudge in the ribs, followed by collapse into what is intended to be hilarious camp.
They nudge open the door ever so slightly into a place where the unspeakable is whispered.
Unable to shed staff, firms give employees meaningless jobs instead, to try to nudge them out.
Studios have been timing the availability of films to nudge viewers toward favored formats.
There may be a hidden benefit, however, for smokers who need that extra nudge to quit.
Repressive regimes: it's alright to do business with them as long as your presence helps nudge them in the right direction.
Properly awed by her subject, she seeks to nudge and provoke readers, not overpower them.
They try to nudge them up gently so as not to choke off demand.
Oz was willing to raise some eyebrows to evaluate them and do what he could to nudge a major medical center in new directions.
The ability to nudge satellites has both peaceful and military uses.
Each creative nudge to the conversation expands it, with threads spiraling off in unforeseen directions.
There's no slight nudge, but a huge dig in the ribs.
They say it's relatively straightforward to nudge a small asteroid in our direction.
Scientists have to give a nudge and a wink about possible applications in the future to be a blip on anyone's radar.
Additional items including lotion and facial spritz were available in the lavs, so this category gets a slight nudge up.
If they didn't log in regularly, they got a little nudge by e-mail, then an automated phone call.
He is trained to monitor my breathing and heart rate, so he can nudge me back to reality before a situation starts.
Satellites in other colors nudge, invade or float around it.
Higher water tariffs for businesses, some residents fret, could nudge other prices up.
As well as giving a short-term lift to employment, this should nudge up the economy's long-term potential growth.
The tabloids, affronted at being thwarted in the first place, switched from nudge-nudge admiration mode to vindictive puritanism.
Few even grasp the need to nudge it towards domestic spending.
If the paper gets stuck to the side of the bowl, gently nudge it toward the center again.
The eggshell sort of bounces away unless you slowly nudge it toward a surface where there is no flow.

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If Miss means respectably unmarried, and Mrs. respectably married, then Ms. means nudge, nudge... more
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