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To understand the next step, the radioactive decay of a nucleus must be considered in more detail.
That action stimulates a brain structure called the dorsal raphe nucleus.
Auditory information is processed through the medial segment of the nucleus.
The nuclei are inserted into egg cells which have had their original nucleus removed, a process called nuclear transfer.
The nucleus is, indeed, packed tightly with protons and neutrons.
But sugar now also forms the nucleus of a new agro-industrial and renewable-energy complex.
One of its jobs is to act as a messenger carrying genetic information from a cell's nucleus to the machinery which makes proteins.
So, she still enjoys deep sleep which is the nucleus of modern psychiatry.
He took the three months' public school as a nucleus for his work.
The process, also called nuclear transfer, begins when a nucleus is removed from an egg cell.
The cancer cell's pink mitochondria and gold endoplasmic reticulum--a network of vesicles and sacs--swirl around a dark nucleus.
The mission is the first time a spacecraft will touch the nucleus of a comet.
Ordinary matter in the form of gas collects around the nucleus and, as it collapses, it heats up.
Genes are tightly packed in the cellular nucleus and this packing impacts their accessibility and therefore activity.
Gold's s- and d-orbitals are relativistically contracted toward the nucleus.
The human body has trillions of cells, each one with a nucleus, its command center.
First, they gently squeezed out the nucleus of each egg and replaced it with an entire ear cell from an adult dog.
Nuclear reactors generate energy through fission, the process by which an atomic nucleus splits into two or more smaller nuclei.
More interesting is the theory that the existence of virtual particles is what keeps electrons from falling into the nucleus.
Matter is made up of atoms with nucleus of protons and neutrons, and electrons outside the nucleus.
In ordinary cloning, the nucleus of an egg cell is replaced with the nucleus from a body cell of the animal to be cloned.
In the press release they're not clear about the curved line emanating to the right of the nucleus.
Mammalian red blood cells, that lack a nucleus and the capacity for reproduction are limited in their life spans to a few weeks.
The earlier a nucleus develops, the more it is deformed.
The motor nucleus of the trigeminal is situated in the upper part of the pons beneath the lateral angle of the fourth ventricle.
The motor root arises from a nucleus which lies deeply in the reticular formation of the lower part of the pons.
The nucleus exhibits an intranuclear network and one or two refractile nucleoli.
The deep part of each contains a large nucleus, while its more superficial part is granular and pigmented.
The cells are granular in appearance, and each possesses a clear oval nucleus.
Each cell contains a clear oval nucleus, situated near its center.

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