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The cell nuclei, if they are pre-cancerous, are misshapen and larger than healthy cell nuclei.
Normally, water vapor can only condense onto condensation nuclei-tiny particles that serve as kernels around which drops can form.
All atoms are made up of nuclei orbited by electrons.
Ancestors that split from archaea evolved into eukaryotes-life-forms, including humans, whose cells have nuclei.
All plants and fungi, as well as animals, have nuclei within their cells.
There are seven of these groups or nuclei on either side of the midline and one medial nucleus.
The other terminal nuclei of the vestibular nerve also contribute fibers.
The nuclei alternate on opposite surfaces of the tubule so that the lumen remains fairly constant.
They could even see individual nuclei within the cells, some of which were caught in the act of dividing.
Under these extreme conditions atomic nuclei collide and fuse, liberating energy that could provide virtually limitless power.
In past decades, about a dozen probes have performed comet flybys, sending back photographs of their nuclei.
Back in their native algal cells, chloroplasts depended on algal cell nuclei for the fresh supplies.
It involves shooting low-frequency radio waves into an object to stimulate the nuclei of the atoms in it.
If the two hydrogen nuclei did bind, all the hydrogen would burn to helium in the first five minutes.
Fusion involves small atomic nuclei colliding to form larger ones, a process that releases energy.
Fusion involves colliding small atomic nuclei together to form larger ones, and thus releasing energy.
Such collisions should cause individual atomic nuclei to recoil, and with the right apparatus such recoils can be observed.
But the isolated nuclei of such cells can sometimes be persuaded to revert by exposing them to the inside of an egg.
They have no nuclei and no metabolism worth speaking of, so there is little to go wrong.
Physicists think that nuclei are made up of concentric shells of protons and neutrons.
Rabi was interested in the properties of atomic nuclei, not clocks, and he never pursued the idea.
Quantum spin, though of atomic nuclei rather than of electrons, would be the ideal basis for this hardware.
Electrons orbit atomic nuclei at specific distances from the centre of the atom.
Stars produce energy by fusing light atomic nuclei, mainly hydrogen and helium, into heavier ones.
No special expertise in handling chromosomes, nuclei or eggs is needed.
In these conditions, nuclei are known to decay in strange ways.
Bare nuclei, for example, cannot decay by electron capture.
When galactic cosmic rays enter the atmosphere, they smash into nuclei forming various kinds of exotic by-products.
The conventional view is that helium under high pressure forms a plasma of nuclei in a sea of electrons.
Above is a simulation of a relativistic jet from an active galactic nuclei.
This, of course, ought to affect all nuclei that decay in this way.
It was only left to explode the atom, which is made of an electroweak cover and a strong nuclei of quarks.
Unstable atom nuclei simply decay faster in contact with antimatter, represented with anti-neutrinos.
Nuclei in the bag and its contents are momentarily tipped out of alignment.
Over time, these quasars and active galactic nuclei slowly die down.
The nuclei recoil and vibrate, generating heat and sapping energy from the electrons.
The virus enters vulnerable cells in the lower layers of skin tissue and tries to reproduce in the cell nuclei.
The nuclei orbit speed and maturity will determine the strength needed for the poles to pull the cell apart.
We end up with several light nuclei, but don't have enough time to make anything heavier.
They even managed to clone frozen mice by first using nuclei from their brain and blood cells to produce lines of stem cells.
Cosmic rays are mostly protons plus a smattering of alpha particles and other atomic nuclei.
But radioactive atoms have unstable nuclei, meaning they can move around the chart.
Our semi-evolved brains want to think of electrons that way as well: little spheres whizzing around atomic nuclei.
Therefore, only nuclei having a high kinetic energy approach closely enough to fuse.
The nuclei in these images are color-coded according the direction they are traveling.
The cells of this dead piece of wood still contain an active water cell nucleus with its orbiting nuclei.
First came bacteria, some of which became the nuclei of other cells, later the chloroplasts and finally spawned fungi.
As it expanded and cooled, atomic nuclei and electrons combined to make a dense fog of neutral gas.
It occurs in objects as diverse as superconductors, atomic nuclei and neutron stars.
Typical comet nuclei may range in size from a small mountain to a large city.
Long before the galaxies even formed, the universe was filled with a plasma of atomic nuclei and subatomic particles.
The nuclei are accelerated to much higher velocities than can occur in a fusing star.

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