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Example sentences for nuclear energy

Needless to say, that didn't happen, mostly because the risks of nuclear energy hugely increased its costs.
Even controversial nuclear energy is considered a viable option.
Neither nuclear energy nor alternative sources such as wind and solar seem likely to meet the demand for electricity.
That's particularly so with such visceral issues as nuclear energy.
But if you want to generate a thousand megawatts of electricity through nuclear energy, it would cost only sixty million dollars.
Use nuclear energy to flatten mountains on the moon and to alter the orbits of planets.
Likewise, all money spent on nuclear energy, hydropower and geothermal power.
Nuclear energy offers many many more short term and long term benefits overall.
Nuclear energy gives us a clean and sustainable energy option, in spite of the hysteria surrounding it.
Nuclear energy could certainly crank out enough hydrogen for everyone.
Another negative effect is the present ignorance-fueled anti-nuclear energy movement.
It invests more in nuclear energy than it does in all of agriculture.
Nuclear energy is an important part of the solution but it's not the only one.
There are no plausible scenarios for controlling climate change that do not require use of nuclear energy.
Spending on nuclear energy continues an ongoing move toward small, modular reactors.
The report warns of dire consequences from global warming without major new investments in renewable and nuclear energy.
We should be using wind, solar and nuclear energy instead of fossil fuels.
Nuclear energy is the abundant, safe, and clean alternative to fossil fuels.
The really big subsidies go to coal and nuclear energy.
If you want information on nuclear energy, there is no point in going to the anti crowd alone.
As for nuclear energy, there is a reason why environmentalists are against it.
Especially since the eco-romantics have effectively outlawed nuclear energy.
Nuclear energy is right in the middle of the debate.
Nuclear energy for peaceful purposes is, after all, common.
Opposition to nuclear energy has, if anything, hardened of late.
For decades the company's energy business has been focused on fossil-fuel power plants or nuclear energy.
Nuclear naysayers will use this to reject nuclear energy as a source of power.
The benefits of nuclear energy begin with the unparalleled energy density of the fuel used.
Another major form of energy is nuclear energy, the energy that is trapped inside each atom.
Hydrogen and uranium are two kinds of matter used to produce nuclear energy.
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