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Example sentences for nuclear reactor

Likewise, the relationship between matter and energy isn't immediately useful unless you are building a nuclear reactor.
Animals and plants seem to be prospering near the infamous nuclear reactor.
The resulting spray shorted out electronics and forced an automatic shutdown of the nuclear reactor.
Winds can pick up radioactive material accidentally released from a nuclear reactor and scatter it around the world.
The problem is, a nuclear reactor may have negative impact to its surrounding even during normal operation.
No nuclear reactor anywhere has been built without government subsidy.
It completely baffles me that a nuclear reactor can be prone to flooding.
Importantly, humans made and used nuclear weapons before they ever succeeded in generating electricity from a nuclear reactor.
It takes approximately ten years to finance and build one nuclear reactor alone.
We ended up having a potato peeling contest on the submarine because he didn't want to see the nuclear reactor.
Several hundred of these packages are then put together to create the core of the nuclear reactor.
Regulators approve nuclear reactor design they say is safe.
Nuclear reactor coolant pumps are expected to be in demand as the industry builds new reactors and as older ones are replaced.
Company also had several other contracts supporting nuclear reactor operations at federal sites.
Tells about how atomic energy is released in a nuclear reactor.
The nuclear reactor in the next state is sending fresher neutrinos your way.
It also must be made at high temperatures, which would require energy from solar cells or a small nuclear reactor.
The concept replaces the onboard nuclear reactor with ground based lasers.
To me, the drives that push gas through a nuclear reactor are the ones closest to doable with current technology.
We don't seem to be able to create new nuclear reactor types because no one wants to finance one.
It is in the process of developing laser induced fusion as well as newer nuclear reactor technologies.
So let's say you've been building a secret nuclear reactor in the desert.
Medical management of nuclear reactor accident events.
It is not the relatively low density of beryllium, however, that causes it to be of interest in nuclear reactor applications.
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