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But the model stops short of simulating the moment the protostar achieves full nuclear fusion and transforms into a true star.
After such an explosion blows a star's outer layers into space, the core remains-but it no longer produces nuclear fusion.
Eventually, temperature and pressure within the clumps rise high enough to ignite nuclear fusion-and a star is born.
Deep in the sun's core, nuclear fusion reactions convert hydrogen to helium, which generates energy.
Energy is produced deep within its core by means of nuclear fusion.
The aim is to make those pellets undergo nuclear fusion-the process that causes stars to shine and hydrogen bombs to explode.
The temperature of the sun is such that it supports nuclear fusion that generates bright sunlight.
Stars shine by nuclear fusion-the merging of light atomic nuclei to release energy.
Nuclear fusion is the energy source of the future and always will be.
Nuclear fusion is the power source of the future and always will be.
It is a matter of time before nuclear fusion power is practical, if properly funded.
Scientists have reported that by bombarding a liquid with sound they were able to produce nuclear fusion in a tabletop apparatus.
Almost all stars shine as a result of the nuclear fusion of hydrogen into helium.
Conventional physics holds that nuclear fusion ignites at multimillion-degree temperatures.
In contrast to what nuclear fusion supporters want the public to believe, current technologies are far from being clean.
The cloud or core becomes ever denser and hotter, eventually sparking nuclear fusion.
And this time nothing would be to research looking for a miracle such as nuclear fusion.
Most experts agree that the only solution is energy efficiency coupled with renewables, unless nuclear fusion proves to be viable.
The beams will heat the hydrogen to millions of degrees and trigger nuclear fusion with a net gain in energy.
The hydrogen and helium coalesce into stars, and inside those stars the heavier elements are forged by nuclear fusion.
The magical stone has some vague connections to nuclear fusion, which in turn, has some vague connections to personal power.
But at some point this gas bag grows big enough, and hot enough, for nuclear fusion to begin.
They call it a protostar, because it has not reached the core densities and temperatures required to ignite nuclear fusion.
Then he moved on to claims of nuclear fusion and the transmutation of elements.
Nuclear fusion reactors, if they can be made to work, promise virtually unlimited power for the indefinite future.
During its brief lifetime, it will produce energy the way the stars and the sun do, by nuclear fusion.
Nuclear fusion could prove an abundant source of clean energy.
The move is a step forward in the quest for practical nuclear fusion.
It's possible that it can use solar power to start up a nuclear fusion reactor until it gets to break even.
Solar, wind, wave tide energy is all this world needs and soon to come nuclear fusion energy for good measure.
In principle is possible reaction sub-nuclear fusion.
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