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Example sentences for nub

Its long, leathery neck can stretch to the length of a baseball bat or recoil to a wrinkled nub.
It features a soft rubber nub so it won't defile your screen.
She could, if she concentrated, recall the exact pressure of his tongue and teeth on her nub of flesh.
Here was the nub of their quarrel: subversion versus corruption.
By the time the host's tongue is a nub the parasite becomes a stand-in.
Stick your hand in the cage and you are likely to draw back a nub.
Turn your cell nub into a perfect nightclub accessory.
The nub of the legal argument came down to the point about connection.
The nub of the territorial dispute has narrowed down to the blocks' size.
When she cuts to the nub of something and laughs infectiously, you can see why her friends consider her such good company.
The nub of our dispute is over the general terms of service for college athletes.
His ability to synthesize and to get to the absolute nub of things with his magisterial language is absolutely thrilling.
The first two show a smallish buck with a scrubby four-point antler on one side and a forked nub on the other.

Famous quotes containing the word nub

But still the delicate slips keep coaxing up water; The small cells bulge; One nub of growth Nudges a sand... more
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