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Now is not the time for cutbacks, they should come, but in the future.
We have now to see what is the other substance present.
Northeast means it's now far cheaper than oil for home heating.
More violent and frequent storms, once merely a prediction of climate models, are now a matter of observation.
Ethical concerns now put more constraints on how scientists can elicit negative emotions.
Now it's easy to sample this intriguing cuisine at home.
Now pharmaceutical firms are beginning to careen off the patent cliff.
Our lovely camp site now occupied by a hut and dirt, squalor, and filth.
More people in the developing world are now overweight than hungry.
Or somehow you missed this episode-and its by now countless reruns.
These watering tanks now house a vegetable garden.
Now divorced, she is back home with her family and attending school again.
Dams, irrigation and now climate change have drastically reduced the once-mighty river.
One of the nicest, biggest changes is that you can now play four-player co-op campaigns.
Lab-grown gemstones are now practically indistinguishable from mined diamonds.
Nelson said that the organization was now back on track and that both its membership and finances were stable.
Every episode of what was probably the environmental movement's first television series is now available on the web.
We're experiencing technical difficulties right now.
Once beautiful but sleepy, this region is now beautiful but sophisticated.
But that division has now faded as an unintended side effect of information technology.
Snowshoeing, it turns out, is now the fastest-growing winter sport.
The collections are now fade and weather resistant and provide lasting durability and beauty.
These ancient rivulets, however, are now under siege.
Primates can now move and sense the textures of objects using only their thoughts.
Much of the world is now paying for their timidity: witness the increasingly dark economic backdrop.
To make a difference now, they must be politically feasible.
It is found in nearly all the published speeches of him who now addresses you.
Now the wooers clamoured throughout the shadowy halls, and each one uttered a prayer to be her bedfellow.
National quirks that previously signified greatness were now derided.
Don't let the relief you feel now cost you money as an investor.
The diamond crystals being produced right now are typically produced in large presses, high pressure and high temperature devices.
Now it was a derelict, old and crippled, its bulkheads stained with patches of rust that could have been lesions.
People may one day be able to hear what are now inaudible sounds, scientists say.
We stand admiring it as it is now, a beautiful wreck beneath an ivy veil.
We have now lost too many acres not to recognize an exponential explosion of plants.
Now if you can control time then in a sense you can control gravity.
Debt-ceiling increases are now tied to deficit reduction.
If you subscribe to the magazine, register now to get access.
Now a candidate can literally be outspent by independent groups.
Now he could earn as much as five hundred francs a day.
Most of them messed up at school or had to drop out to get a job, and now they are determined to see their kids stick it through.
He pointed out the sights-the cancer center is over here, the heart center is over there, now we're coming to the imaging center.
Butanol can be converted into a wide range of chemicals for making plastics and other products that are now made with oil.
So if a catastrophe were possible, it would have happened by now.
Now he wants researchers to invent new ways to use natural gas to power vehicles.
Now researchers have demonstrated that the same kind of images and cloaking devices could be made with sound instead of light.
Now, scientists have traced this lethal disease back to humans.
And now physicists are close to cracking their secrets.
They now come up with a device to overcome this theoretical problem.
Now here's the thing: production is not so simple for these telescopes, and the folks making them want to continue to do so.
The sun has been surprisingly quiet lately, and until now astronomers couldn't figure out why.
What you are doing and thinking now is not affected by what you will be doing and thinking several hours from now.
Commercial space travel is now almost within reach of ordinary citizens.
In fact, the supplement now supports evolution even more strongly.
What the world needs right now is a rescue operation.
Countries with little by way of chess tradition and few available coaches can now produce prodigies.
Ordinarily, such a proposal would have been laughed out of town, but now it's been transformed into respectability.
We were introduced to the echo chamber many are now familiar with.
Benjamin's provocation has now become a commonplace.
For these unrelated reasons, retirees will now pay the price.
Now that she was hot, scripts were being thrown at her, and here was one she loved.
Now all that remained was the trial, which did not go well.
Now he's been humiliated, but he's been liberated too.
And now that there's no more smoke and mirrors to the viewing experience, the price tags seem almost comical to many brokers.
Once-abandoned lots now contain new townhouses, parks and open space.

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