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Barbara is a renowned novelist, essayist, poet and short-story writer.
We meditated solemnly on the tragedy of this novelist born out of his place.
Rarely has a great novelist been so wrong about so much.
He has a historian's grasp of the period and a novelist's gift for character.
He chats with soldiers, cooks and a novelist, recording their conversations and snapping photos along the way.
Both as poet and novelist, he bore the badge of singularity.
Whether his faith was right or wrong, it certainly served him well as a novelist, and so did his experience.
Only the novelist who is not wise indulges in positive archaism.
The novelist is not alone in understanding that reality is amenable to any construction placed upon it.
Thus the first novelist clips bright coupons from his chosen traditions.
The body helplessly confesses itself, and the novelist seems merely to run and catch its spilled emotion.
He subscribes to the absolute belief that the novelist's imagination is autonomous, even primary.

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