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Plankton are literally at the bottom of the food chain, a source of nourishment for virtually every animal in the sea.
In addition to being a source of nourishment for local people, the lake's fish are also exported as food and as aquarium pets.
The language speaks of battles with and fears of food, and the blaming of one's own body when the mind seeks nourishment.
What he offers is not medicine but food-the nourishment of sane and delightful art.
US consumers spend one of every ten dollars on nourishment.
Healthy diets and eating habits supply much needed nourishment for human growth and tissue repair.
The damage to her windpipe left her unable to swallow, and she was unable to take any nourishment.
Do whatever you can to minimize exhaustion and under-nourishment.
Surely there will be some who don't find enough nourishment in the fruits of the prestige-economies and the money-economies.
But tailgating spectators in villages along the way offer live music and nourishment.
He recognised that a key motivator for many people is the desire to feel important, the nourishment of their self-esteem.
The aim was to provide cheap nourishment for a famished nation.
Fiat money, precious metals, and gems provide no nourishment nor shelter.
Aim to have something in bloom from early spring to late fall so that winged visitors are never without nourishment.
For example, he discovers a caterpillar that serves as the kinglet's primary winter nourishment.
Within the past five years the question of nourishment has risen from utter desperation to comparative plenty.
It is estimated that around half of all deaths have chronic under-nourishment as a co-factor.
Hence, investigators still need to find a membrane that can obtain nourishment and repel immune cells.
It also tries to explain the phenomenon with factors such as nourishment and family wealth.
Futile as appears setting sumptuous nourishment arrayed before ivory towers.
They are given all sorts of chemicals and plants, the optimum nourishment to grow beef economically.
Gazpacho provided nourishment, quenched the thirst and sustained a body working in the hot sun.
But if they are a significant source of your intellectual nourishment then you are a fool.
He has refused to eat, so a tube brings nourishment through his nose into his stomach.
Machines supplied him with nourishment and hydration.
Without its replenishment and nourishment the great ancient civilizations would never have sprung forth.
They use the blood not for their own nourishment but as a source of protein for their eggs.
It's not known how the mushroom corals, which rely mainly on algae in their cells for nourishment, caught the jellyfish.
The founders of every state which has risen to eminence have drawn their nourishment and vigor from a similar wild source.
Certainly a lot of athletes believe they need constant nourishment.
Yet, there may be moments when a walker feels unable to go one more block without some nourishment.
Television is at once this movie's nourishment and onus.
Often the only nourishment a bride consumes at the wedding.
If fertilization takes place, the fertilized ovule or ovum will cling to the lining of the womb and there gather its nourishment.
And life may be without nourishment, but nourishment cannot be without life.
When fatigue sets in, recovery is needed, and this can only be effected by rest and nourishment.
They were not allowed to sleep with their wives or to eat meat, and received only fish and maize pudding as nourishment.
The founders of every state which has risen to eminence have drawn their nourishment and vigor from a similar wild source.
His disease was attended with a horrible nauseousness, insomuch that he could take no nourishment.
Yet it is denied that the right ventricle makes spirits, which is rather held to supply nourishment to the lungs.
In response, several sections of the coast have undergone nourishment projects to restore beach widths to previous dimensions.

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