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Describe your music in three words, using all nouns.
If needed, say adjectives are words that describe nouns.
Have students look at other proper nouns in the story and practice pronouncing them.
Point out that not all words in the story that end in-er are nouns that describe someone.
There are in fact nouns with a plural the same as the singular.
Clue answers include four proper nouns, one of them in the second layer.
Adjectives typically reflect the meaning of corresponding nouns, but not always.
Vices were distinguished from virtues, animals from plants, nouns from verbs.
Certain other combinations of adjectives and nouns, however, can leave a writer bewildered.
Some nouns simply do not work with metaphorical adjectives.
Both idioms reduce what they're describing from nouns to concepts.
The prose is telegraphic: a scaffolding of nouns and verbs, a few load-bearing adverbs, and a near-absence of adjectival frippery.
The nouns in common use, in the overwhelming main, are quite sound in form.
In nouns the first two are indistinguishable, and are called the common case.
It may be here remarked that abstract expression and the excessive use of nouns are almost the same thing.
The second vice is that it habitually chooses vague woolly abstract nouns rather than concrete ones.
Abstract nouns that cannot be followed immediately by whether should if possible be replaced by the corresponding verbs.
For example, the majority of nouns refer to multiple objects, while only proper nouns refer to individual things.
Humans find verbs and nouns extremely flexible, and a word usually has many grammatical roles.
They then had the subjects do different language tasks, such as thinking of verbs that go with nouns.
Process, access, interface and many others started off as nouns and are now universally accepted as verbs.
There are quite a few other nouns that get turned into verbs and verbs that get turned into nouns as well.
Overblown verbs, explosive nouns, beautifully bungled prepositions.
To me, that negates the emphasis intended for proper nouns.
He liked concrete nouns and active verbs, and each paragraph was as solid as a brick.
Toward his experience he adopted a stance of condescension, represented by inverted commas qualifying common nouns.
While it's relatively simple for a computer to sort nouns from verbs, the nuances of language are slightly more challenging.
Essentially, it's understanding the verbs as well as the nouns.
Digital gods are distributed deities, verbs and modifiers rather than nouns.
We have more trouble with proper nouns because there's lower redundancy.
He speaks in blunt sentences of one or two words, composed entirely of nouns.
But these need not be the only semantic relationships between two nouns joined in a phrase.
The proper names are nearly all ones used as nouns or to define other nouns.
After learning the nouns, you can start to make sentences and get attuned to the sounds.
It's not as if the definite article is mandatory on all nouns.
The word abhors a complete sentence, so evocative of riches and indulgence that plebeian verbs and nouns seem superfluous.
We've taken out certain nouns, verbs, and phrases from the original cable to create a make-your-own-diplomacy adventure.
Secretaries are always nouns, whether they take dictation or give it.
There are many proper nouns for which there is no common noun form.
Also, in all conditions, first- and final-position nouns were found to prompt equivalent recall.
Remind students of the difference between common and proper nouns.
The majority of key words are nouns or noun phrases that relate to professional skills and experience.

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