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Rhyming verse introduces nouns.
It's both a noun, and a verb, depending upon usage.
The subject of discourse is a noun.
They chanted an improper noun.
She halts and makes a pause before every noun.
There are many ways a noun can modify another noun.
Precision demands another noun added to the term.
He asked listeners to name themselves, to suggest a collective noun.
It denotes a technical object that is immediately at hand, yet too complicated to summarize with some better, time-tested noun.
Kelvin is a proper noun and refers to the measurement system.
Neuroscientists use the word wire as a verb, not a noun.
Yet it is an achievement, written in a prose of glittering, unexpected adjectives before the required noun.
He speaks as if trying to be overheard rather than heard, his low modulations carrying a concise noun-verb punch.
There is no firm rule about the number of a verb governed by a singular collective noun.
You've almost certainly used a noun-noun compound today.
As an indefinite noun-adjective clause, it could be translated as blessed day.
Originally, the noun ache differed in spelling and in pronunciation from the verb ake, as speech from speak.
To speak of something as a proper noun usually presupposes it exists and you are discussing it.
Excuse me for using the appropriate noun for naming a spade.

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