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Finally, book chapters are notoriously slow to appear.
In the professional realm, interviews are notoriously slippery endeavors.
The surface-to-air missiles are notoriously unreliable.
The fossil record is notoriously stingy in doling out clues about the history of life.
Notoriously, the theory of quantum mechanics reveals a fundamental weirdness in the way the world works.
It is tantalizingly simple to state but notoriously difficult to solve.
Notoriously playful, dolphins have also caught scientists' attention by creating play objects from their own bodies.
Batteries are notoriously inefficient and generally are made from toxic substances you wouldn't want near your eyes.
Studies involving human subjects are notoriously difficult, and rarely is there any single study that is absolutely conclusive.
His interactions with lawyers are notoriously aggressive.
Cats are notoriously difficult to photograph and impossible to train.
In the past, mainstream audiences notoriously resisted being jolted.
But the satisfactions of compensation are notoriously fleeting.
Such divergences are to be expected: narrative pleasure is a notoriously personal matter.
Movies are notoriously bad at showing the pleasures and rigors of art-making, even when the medium is familiar.
First, they are notoriously sudden and short-lived, so they must be addressed with speed.
The fact that tickling oneself is notoriously ineffective attests to its social significance.
We know that it is notoriously difficult to judge distance and speed of objects in the sky at night.
But he's also managed to mostly avoid dustups with notoriously litigious celebrities.
He exudes a mystical demeanor that must serve him well while working with big architects and their notoriously big egos.
They were notoriously uncomfortable, and the images could cause headaches if the projectors weren't calibrated perfectly.
The system was notoriously deficient in presenting blues and getting a true white.
Results of rankings can be notoriously volatile, so they should be treated with caution.
Atmospheric physics is, of course, notoriously complex.
Yet the country's official statistics are notoriously ropy.
There are notoriously bad ones, and a good one is no guarantee of a part.
The notoriously intrusive religious police have been told to curb their enthusiasm.
Online surveys are notoriously biased, because respondents are self-selecting.
But the jobless rate, which is based on household surveys, is notoriously volatile.
The first was to increase capacity relentlessly, even during downturns in a notoriously cyclical industry.
Voter lists remain notoriously unreliable and gerrymandering is rampant.
These charts are notoriously easier to read what you want into them.
Indeed, metropolises are notoriously lousy when it comes to such occasions.
Yankees fans are notoriously loud, obnoxious and typically win.
It's obviously a concern given that he's coming back from wrist surgery and is a notoriously slow healer.
No, they are not a panacea because they are notoriously unreliable.
The notoriously untalkative-about-her-personal-life actress is talking about her ex and her boyfriend.
Yet they are notoriously under-represented in the arts, sciences, professions and politics.
Hedge funds are notoriously secretive organizations.
Polls are notoriously flaky this far ahead of the election, and there is a limit to how much you want to trust polls.
Many toddlers are notoriously choosy about their foods and reticent to try new things.
Reeves is notoriously inscrutable onscreen as well as off.
Dogs are notoriously indiscriminate when it comes to food.
The firm is notoriously press-shy, and doesn't usually respond to articles.
The authors of the study note that people are notoriously fickle about what's important to them about potential dates.
Predictions of the dates of future achievements are notoriously fallible.

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If a man, notoriously and designedly, insults and affronts you, knock him down; but if he only injures you,... more
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