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These are not unreasonable notions, but there is also no positive evidence to suggest that they are correct, either.
To recognize them you have to shed your pre-9/11 notions and embrace today's travel reality.
As the disease took on the dimensions of a plague, it swept away notions that great pandemics belong to history.
Some astoundingly dark and retrograde notions openly circulate in reactionary churches and on nationalist websites.
And the richest among them are redefining those notions once again.
She has watched the old-style drug store evolve into an emporium devoted to the sale of notions.
Such notions were useful to bureaucratic elites determined to reduce social and economic problems to technical ones.
Perhaps the main problem concerns uncritically accepted notions of progress and modernity.
It does not flatter the understanding by conformity with preconceived notions.
We forgive them for entertaining such notions, but forbid their practice.
It is a good part of sagacity to have known the foolish desires of the crowd and their unreasonable notions.
The notions of the beginning and the end of the world entertained by our forefathers are no longer credible.
Listen, now, and don't go getting any more wrong notions.
They wanted a positive programme, and my notions of good government were nothing if not positive.
Two notions are advanced against doping in sport: safety and fairness.
It is a world in which certain trusted notions can be taken for granted.
She has scotched notions that she would be soft on inflation.
Offers are guided by notions of what is fair, as are rejections.
Such starkly contrasting notions of freedom find expression in politics, too.
It depends on notions of civil harmony and responsibility, which governments have an important role in supporting.
It does not, however, need lofty notions of freedom to make the case for political change.
There are plenty of scientists with such notions, but they are seldom in a position to convert their visions into reality.
In this view, notions of technological autonomy are simply wishful thinking on our part.
These and other astronomical discoveries turn the tables on our notions of the familiar and unfamiliar.
It was a struggle within their own minds and souls between different religious notions and different scientific notions.
As our technological knowledge increases, our notions on living a healthy lifestyle also change.
Absolute notions include the persistence of environment regardless of context.
These ruminations helped to inspire two of the odder notions of modern physics.
Old notions of politeness, friendliness and respect need to be reestablished.
The evidence can only be interpreted and notions can be proposed.
Its basic notions were the efficient-markets hypothesis and the rational-expectations theory.
By that time, romantic notions about writing had filtered down to the public.
Nevertheless, in a free society the right to pursue one's own notions of happiness is a sine qua non.
You're free to take that adventure and not be hemmed in by any notions about where you're going or what the story's going to be.
These notions were what everyone thought to be implied by the doctrine of the future state.
Ditto for the notions of government neutrality and free expression.
It is untainted with the more civilized notions of constraining the criminal or even converting him.
These notions are considerably less glamorous than computers are, but their worth is firmly proved through a long history.
He sees it as the pirates' attempt to evoke romantic notions of seafaring swashbucklers.
The craze spawned grand notions about virtual communities alleviating society's ills.
And they may well turn long-established notions of privacy, secrecy, and anonymity on their head.
He also had rigorously old-fashioned notions of honor, which made his revolutionary approach to art all the more of an enigma.
If that's not theme enough, the film also bats around notions having to do with time and language.
Ideas, half-ideas, fleeting notions are bubbling in their minds constantly.
It even covers such radical notions as zero-consumption living.
These notions were supported by technological realities.
With time, popular notions about mummies only grew more muddled.
For another, the head is positioned close to the ground, overthrowing old notions of how the animal would have carried itself.
Beyond preconceived notions, they have every reason to twist results on purpose.
The prospect strikes directly at conventional notions of human dignity and freedom.
Your notions regarding motives are significant to some degree, however, and worth considering.
But the results also clash with simple notions of how global warming can drive extinctions.
You're right, it has a lot to do with genetics but mostly with our own preconceived notions of race.
In the past it was believed that they don't apply to certain groups of people, but the present teaching contains no such notions.
Having a sense of wonder, however, does not mean a scientist must discard the notions of proper scientific inquiry.
Among the intelligentsia all received notions of moral and social order became the subject of fierce debate.
Eventually, notions of a single, supernatural monster receded before concerns about marauding packs of ordinary wolves.
His father, trained as a bookbinder, ran a store selling stationery and notions.
Which isn't to say that his notions about family narrative were identical to theirs.
But the notions of absolute mastery and control no longer hold.
In other words, he has the ardor and sincerity-and the confused notions-typical of so many intelligent autodidacts.
These would be comforting notions were they easier to maintain.
Conventional notions of orderly procedure had no place.
His thesis was that everyone comes to a situation with certain preconceived notions that then color how new data is interpreted.
It wasn't that he had a problem with farfetched notions.
What's more, he has some pretty strong notions about what kind of show it will and will not be.
Instead of the media helping people question such absurd notions as washing away sins, it glorified the event.
It's time to adjust our preconceived notions for how-and where-poor people live.
Or she plum runs out of inspiration on any given topic and falls back on less-than-original notions.

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