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No one should be surprised by the notion of teaching as a performance, although some of you may be appalled at the idea.
In some ways this is an old notion, but it has new urgency in our increasingly idea-driven world.
To him, the idea of data that cannot be saved is almost as heretical as the notion of data that is not worth saving.
This notion is superficially puzzling.
Where did you get this quaint notion that all forumites are equal?
In short its a ridiculous ill conceived notion.
So I had this romantic notion about who might live there and what they might do.
He also had a very limited notion of personal space.
No scientist has the foggiest notion of what energy or matter ultimately is, even though that is what sciences works with.
Some might find the very notion amusing.
They will probably realize that this notion is ridiculous.
The notion of subjecting one's self to exploitation is a patent oxymoron
If you've ever been deceived by the notion that formal gardens are stiff and unimaginative, this should dispel it.
Now in contemporary times, people struggle with the notion of waiting.
To examine the truth of this notion, it may be requisite to observe, that words may be divided into three sorts.
It is almost incredible how ancient and how widely diffused is the notion that sneezing is an omen which requires to be averted.
It is the old cow's notion that she never was a calf.
But the writer has a better notion of what is needed to effect a great educational reform.
And what an extraordinary notion this gives us of the alterations going on in our atmosphere.
But this notion did not satisfy her: it was surely impossible that she should not have seen him come in through a room so small.
The old notion that the savage is the freest of mankind is the reverse of the truth.
He had no notion of letting the currents of his action be turned awry by this form of conscience.
But it may instead be the spur for a looser approach to the notion of collective cabinet responsibility.
The easy notion that there is a single solution to the world's economic and climatic problems is, thus, a dangerous one.
And if someone has no word for a number, he may have no notion of what that number means.
Over the past two decades, however, that notion has been undermined.
The government has already produced two bank rescue packages and it is now pondering the notion of a much larger fiscal stimulus.
Around three years ago its fierce resistance to the notion of any limit on its greenhouse-gas emissions started to soften.
Another, more radical step would be to question the notion of personal mobility itself.
Device makers previously sniffed at the notion that smartphones or tablets posed a threat.
The second broken taboo is the notion that there can be no restructuring of government debt.
It is not, however, the same as the western notion of tolerance.
Moreover, to establish something short of real marriage for some adults would tend to undermine the notion for all.
Oberlin's environmental-studies program introduced him to the problems of fossil fuels and the notion of alternative fuels.
Many professors rankle at the notion that they should have to worry about it now.
The notion of thank-you notes is rooted in a strong sense of social obligation.
But there's an overly constrained or ill-defined notion of citizenship lurking behind this comment.
There's a certain level of comfort that comes with the notion of being prepared.
Auto-industry marketers hammer on the notion that today's car buyers aren't loyal to a brand.
E-commerce is taking a cue from the notion that friends give the best recommendations.
Focusing on the notion that you're irreplaceable, rather than expendable, can be healthy.
Spoofing dance movies is an inspired notion, and this spoof occasionally hits its mark with nimble execution.
In time it will dispose of the notion of inevitable conflict based on irreconcilable difference.
One aspect of that change is the notion that psychical benefit need not have much of a downside.
At first blush the notion of suburban moms buying gas masks seemed a little silly.
But the whole notion of commitment is deeply important to me, as is the notion of humanism, which is a discredited notion.
The alcoholism movement sought to popularize the notion that alcoholism was a disease or illness phenomenon.
Lots of folks seem to think the notion of him getting elected is scary.
Yet the notion exists that people have to be caught up in something cataclysmic before they can write anything of any real worth.
We'll abolish the notion of private property, we'll abolish money.
Thankfully, the series is about more than that notion as well.
For many developed nations, environmental groups challenge the notion that water is healthier from a bottle than a tap.
Australians often laugh at some people's notion that kangaroos hop down the streets of the country's major cities.
The theory rests on the notion that faults can be extremely sensitive to stress.
Many people only have a vague notion of what nanotechnology means.
The notion that prehistoric human cultures were cannibalistic, however, has its skeptics.
Most define the notion as advancing human endeavors without diminishing prospects for future generations.
Once that notion was fixed in my mind, the photography was simple.
Those who bought into that notion, look where they are now.
There's something odd, almost presumptuous, about the notion of stepping directly from an automobile into the wilderness.
They were clearly a team-and because of their work, the notion that animals can think is no longer so fanciful.
The popular notion that they can be seen only from the air is a modern myth.
Models are based on the notion that gravitational drag in these disks is the main influence on planets as they migrate.
But don't be fooled by the notion that on the autumnal equinox the length of day is exactly equal to the length of night.
The notion that microbes have anything to say to each other is surprisingly new.
The notion of intelligent machines inspired a blizzard of books and movies, but practical returns were meager.
One thing led to another, and the game designers took the notion to a far-flung conclusion.
But the notion that humans could create ice bordered on blasphemy.
Luckily, the archaeologists have a different notion of treasure.
Leaving that notion, let me imagine it could also have something to do with rail road ties.
The written record of the expedition's journals seems to support this notion.
The notion of a restaurant as agent of social change is gaining ground.
Still, it is possible to have some notion of the problem's magnitude.
Some people, of course, would quarrel with the notion that literary merit can be quantified.
In the past forty years, though, we've somehow lost sight of the notion that a copyright should be temporary.
The story seems to come down quite strongly against the notion of suicide in terminal patients.
Evidently the notion that he made it on his own is important to him.
Their math is the same as that which got me started on this notion.
In politics, the side with a fixed notion of ends and an unscrupulous approach to means always has the advantage.
The notion of any shared public thoughts is pretty radical now.
Perks did not fit into the notion that pay should reflect an executive's performance, not his station.
The notion seemed preposterous, out of the question, repugnant.
The notion of treating surfaces with ions isn't new.
The notion of dark energy is peculiar, even by cosmological standards.
We wanted to show how artists interpret a scientific notion.
Over the past five years, researchers have been overturning this notion.
The notion that there was ever a fair amount of preparatory work to be done prior to taking a photograph will be alien to them.
The focus remains on race, which further reifies the notion that race is somehow genetic.
The notion is that you might be a civil servant outraged at what your department or agency is keeping hidden from the world.
The notion of using brain activity to interact with computers isn't new.
The findings challenge the conventional notion that mammalian cells can grow more differentiated but not less.
One concern is that the findings of brain science will undermine our notion of autonomy and individual responsibility.
What struck a chord was this notion that it could be taken away.
Even your notion to use spare generation capacity as a buffer has its costs.
At first glance, it's easy to dismiss any notion that they can be damaging.
And yet, as crazy as it sounds, this notion of reverse causality is gaining ground.
Paleoanthropologists have had a lot of trouble letting go of this notion, but they should.
Science has long been based on the notion that law and order rule the universe.
And there's a story generated to go with that notion.
Some of them trotted off to count the ribs and came back to report that they had verified their preconceived notion.
The pop psychology notion of a left brain and a right brain doesn't capture their intimate relationship.
Note how the lyrics play with the notion of chronology.
The notion that you have to move yourself into some kind of island universe to create something new is bizarre.
There's a notion that savant abilities may be universal or latent in all of us and could be released.
All of these findings mesh beautifully with the notion that cultural and demographic shifts sparked our transformation.
Still, several late-twentieth-century scientists were captivated by the notion that human beings might have a sixth sense.
The poetic notion is that flowing water brings commerce, delights the eye, and cools the summer heat.
At its heart is a notion everyone seems to agree on: better teachers deserve better compensation.
We've gotten used to the notion that art, if it entertains or says something interesting about our time, that's enough.
But the amorphous bogeyman of global terrorism has made the notion of significant adjustments in defense spending off limits.
My skepticism was aroused by the notion of abundance.
Walters scoffs at the notion that she has become every troubled celebrity's first port in a storm.
If there are indeed many identical copies of you, the traditional notion of determinism evaporates.
Soaring around the world in a balloon is a romantic notion without parallel.
Seems to support the notion that cheap solar energy is a decade or more away.
The notion that increased volcanic activity can be attributed to global warming is as absurd as manmade climate change.

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