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The precise provenance of this one remains unknown, but the story of its donors is worth noting.
Still, even in respect of grace and beauty, there were points well worth noting.
No one dined out without asking her partner certain questions and carefully noting his replies.
But she urged caution, noting that caffeinated coffee has received mixed reviews from the scientific community.
Philosophers and biologists have asked the question for centuries, noting that humans are universally drawn to music.
It is also worth noting that hydropower, which many believe people believe to be safe, is quite dangerous.
It is also worth noting that rotenone is allowed for use in conventional agriculture.
In every trial, this sector attenuated when the second photo was shown, implying it was only noting the presence of the hydrant.
Noting this, the experimenters deduced that ammonia was the airborne molecule to which the bacteria were responding.
Roughly four hours after the shooting, they sent out a text message noting that the campus parking garage had been reopened.
It starts with an experiment, and the results are worth noting.
We try to collect as much data from each animal as possible by noting body markings, injuries, or other abnormalities.
Label one or more adaptations, noting how it helped the animal survive in its environment.
But there are a few prominent local styles, and even stars worth noting.
And, it's worth noting that our hands are far from large.
And she's confident that its ingredients are safe, noting that none of them have been proven to cause cancer in humans.
Fest-goers plot their routes from stage to stage, noting where they're going to stop to eat along the way.
War driving refers to the practice driving around while noting the characteristics of wireless networks in different places.
His book is optimistic, noting that political rather than economic imperatives have always driven the euro.
His speech contained no policy surprises, but is worth noting for three reasons.
The report justifies wider measures of well-being partly by noting that the public must have trust in official statistics.
It is worth noting that cargo transport to the station is the shuttle's main duty.
It's worth noting that even in these the share of renewables tends to go up.
Start by noting that the recovery is subdued by historical standards.
The demanding part involved noting when the two stimuli matched what had occurred two or even three steps earlier in the sequence.
It is worth noting that not even they could come to a consensus about what should be done.
Nevertheless, there are some interesting cross-cultural dynamics within the past generation worth noting.
It's up to the defense to prove gross mistakes were made and simply noting that several witnesses recanted doesn't do that.
While that may sound overly picky, it's actually a significant achievement, and worth noting.
Then he sealed it, noting the date and time he had done so.
It's worth noting that a deduction phase-out is actually worse than a marginal tax hike.
It's worth noting, though, that the particulars of the sci-fi narrative are easily the weakest element of the film.
It is therefore worth noting that many testing pioneers thought of themselves as progressives in the social sphere.
It bears noting that there are other dangers at play.
But they try to get around it by noting that other professions have the same problem.
It's also worth noting that this number hasn't declined much since jobs began growing last year.
But it's worth noting that shutdowns are far from trivial events.
He played within a tradition that's usually called free jazz, and it's worth noting that it is-and already was-a tradition.
It is worth noting that the countries that have these types of policies also tend toward abysmally low birth rates.
So it may be worth noting that it never actually happened.
It's worth noting that the movie came about after drastic shifts in its production.
It's worth noting that there are different ways of eliminating the debt bias.
She looked at it all as if she were somehow noting it, when in fact it all meant nothing.
It's probably worth noting that the majority is hopelessly wrong.
It's also worth noting that the press was involved from the start.
In addition to the music, many of the covers are worth noting.
Contact the clerk's office prior to noting a motion to confirm available dates and times.
Incomplete applications, will be returned to the applicant noting what additional information is needed.
Noting that the certificate could cover multiple product types in a single certificate.
In merely noting the change of name, the line does not ridicule or condemn the practice.

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