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Example sentences for notification

Users can set a notification on their phones to be alerted if a new outbreak near them is reported.
Anything not specifically outlawed is permissible, and requires neither approval nor notification.
If you wish to stop receiving the weekly notification e-mails, please click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the e-mail.
The other is a domestic legislative proposal whose key features include tightening data-breach notification laws.
Then it could decide how that notification came through and how it came through in that context.
The final notification of its commercial release is pending with the government.
The trial was riddled with discrepancies including forced witness testimony, absent witnesses, and insufficient notification.
Again after the war another notification was sent and still no response came from him.
When the body sustains an injury, molecules called notification proteins are produced at the site.
The notification can be made at the earliest one month in advance.
The current system will be replaced with a one-time notification.
There was no consultation, nor even notification of the move.
Others look at simplifying the financial-aid process to allow for early award notification for high-school students.
The listings are updated daily, and users may sign up to receive free e-mail notification of new job listings.
Signing up for a discipline-specific job listserv is another good way to ensure that notification makes it to your inbox.
References will not be contacted without prior notification to the applicants.
It could be that your ref letters were coming in as they were sending you the letter of notification.
References will not be contacted until advanced stages of screening, and candidates will receive prior notification.
Many colleges have adopted text alerts as part of their emergency notification plans.
Watch your mail for notification that you have been granted the visa.
And he praised navigation systems and automatic notification of emergency responders after accidents as valuable technologies.
Lets you set price alerts for notification when fares drop.
Try running too many apps at once, and a low-memory notification will pop up in the left-hand corner telling you to cool it.
Notification is an administratively-streamlined alternative to the permit.
The obligations of consular notification and access are not codified in any federal statute.
Commonly asked questions and answers regarding the public notification process.
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