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Example sentences for nothingness

It's that wide-open feeling of nothingness that attracts thousands of tourists from around the world, me included.
Ceremonial offering of light to the void of nothingness.
The branding thing is completely out of control, but it started as nothing and maintains its nothingness.
Most of the time, the seafloor scrolls by as a stream of nothingness.
Wombat's mind formed out of the nothingness of the universe and as such it is his own, uniquely formed taking nothing from no one.
Towards the end, consciousness itself grew lost in a roseate haze, and melted into nothingness.
Above me, in the intense blue of the summer sky, some faint brown shreds of cloud whirled into nothingness.
Even being knocked out for surgery doesn't quite do it for me in conceptualizing total nothingness.
The average neurotic can keep his nothingness to himself.
Others will prefer to stand in awe of a universe that they suspect began as a quantum fluctuation in pre-existing nothingness.
Some observers are already predicting that it will fade away into nothingness.
Terrorism does not spontaneously grow from nothingness.
There is far more attention paid to this nothingness than deserved.
Cut government spending to near nothingness and watch the chaos that ensues.
He seems to boast that he can swallow more gore and nothingness than anyone else on the block.
Some of the lines have become so refined they twirl out to nothingness and others seem quite pointless.
For the story to yield its full irony, he should be the perfection of nothingness.
She is blind and completely unreal from these years of nothingness, but she isn't guilty.
When you see an animal-which you do, now and then-you are astonished that it can eke its existence from this nothingness.
And then after a year or two the whole thing melts into nothingness.
It disclosed a life of blameless nothingness and obscurity.
Quantum theory says virtual particles can pop into existence for the briefest of moments before returning to nothingness.
In place of the patchwork quilt, there is a smooth and featureless nothingness.
Nothingness does not need an explanation or a cause.
As the universe grows so does the surface area that is bordering the nothingness and hence the acceleration increases.
The empirical world trumps our preconceptions, even our preconceptions about nothingness.
With that last, centered quadrangle, the water vanishes into nothingness.
He didn't seem to be anybody and he had no resources of humility to turn that nothingness into a refuge.
Others believe that his body disintegrated into nothingness.
As the electromagnetic pulses dissipate with depth, they eventually fade to nothingness.
The moon was setting and the lattice-work shadows were fading into fuzzy nothingness.
Anger is strength and it can be an anchor, giving temporary structure to the nothingness of loss.
And as the soft-falling footsteps receded it melted into nothingness and was gone.

Famous quotes containing the word nothingness

A three- to four- to five-hour experience with nothingness.... more
She believed that she must now submit to feel that another lesson, in the art of know ing our own nothingnessmore
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