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There was nothing there.
Should I do nothing?
All that panic for nothing.
With public sentiment, nothing can fail; without it, nothing can succeed.
There is nothing else I want to do.
There's nothing to prove, and nothing to gain.
That sentence has absolutely nothing to do with anything.
For a few minutes there was nothing to say.
No man can do nothing and no man can do everything.
But that was nothing compared to what happened next.
Planting tulips in this garden is nothing short of a party.
The dish requires nothing more than a big green salad as accompaniment.
Nothing makes people happier than an ice cream float bar on a hot day.
Moreover, these little bivalves eat plankton, so do nothing to deplete other fish populations.
Nothing slows down a cook more or is more likely to cause injury than dull knives.
Nothing beats the flavor of a ripe, homegrown tomato-it's the pure essence of summer.
Group plants with similar water needs, so nothing gets over- or under-watered.
Nothing more than good olive oil and crunchy sea salt turn super-simple potatoes into an irresistible side dish.
We are growing our beans for eating so our intercropping has nothing to do with putting nitrogen back into the ground.
Absolutely nothing to stop it racing to the street as fast as it can flow.
There's nothing too fancy about these places, and your mug may even be chipped in spots.
And to say our chickens are skittish is nothing short of an understatement.
But that was nothing compared to the excitement of today.
In terms of humans being a credit to the planet, it is important to understand that there is nothing natural about a garden.
Nothing kills a gadget dead faster than a dunk in the toilet or a splash of beer.
Freelance writers are typically paid by the article, not by the hour, so idle web-surfing does nothing but lower my paycheck.
Nothing can be born of nothing, nothing can be resolved into nothing.
He ruins himself in promises and clears himself by giving nothing.
Nothing is invincible to the brave nor impregnable to the bold.
Whoever serves well and says nothing makes claim enough.
Princes do not think of rendering their subjects happy unless when they have nothing else to do.
There is nothing so dreadful as a great victory-except a great defeat.
Nothing for me is too early nor too late, which is in due time for thee.
The only ideas which can make good their claim to be regarded as simple ideas have nothing resembling them in things.
Tenure, which frees them to think anything, also enables the less energetic and scrupulous among them to think almost nothing.
The difference is in the name of the degree and nothing else.
My last several semesters were generally good, but nothing striking.
The key idea is that procrastinating does not mean doing absolutely nothing.
There is nothing divine that science cannot explain, unless it is a deity who does nothing at all.
The allure of the tyrant is, to be sure, nothing new.
But nothing for aspiring grad students who arent currently enrolled anywhere.
There's nothing exploitative about that, in my opinion.
Employer unhappiness with college graduates is nothing new, of course.
Nothing against business, but it was the number one major at the school.
Gross notes that the decision had nothing to do with the environment.
Step on a hunk of quartz in the dirt, and you'll think nothing of it.
Her lung cancer had spread, unhindered by radiation treatment, and her doctors felt that there was nothing else they could do.
Some people stop at nothing to get what they want, persisting in the face of continual hardship.
If the team had said there was nothing to worry about, it would have been time to start worrying.
Even when you sit quietly doing nothing, your brain bustles with activity.
Happiness is nothing more than good health and a bad memory.
Nothing overly detailed or using any complex terminology.
If it means nothing you forget it but if it is important, such as needing it for a good grade, then you remember it.
All the magnetic madness on the ground averages out to nothing when seen from too high up.
It's a stilted synthetic voice, but better than nothing.
With academic grants, there are not viable alternatives, it's all or nothing.
Critics say the program is nothing more than job security for lab personnel.
Others are so hot that almost nothing can live there.
From farther afield on wilderness trails, it inspires nothing short of awe.
Though they may know the outside world exists, they want nothing to do with it.
But almost nothing is known about their reproductive habits.
Nothing-yet-has been tested in humans, so don't get too excited.
They trick animals into pollinating them and usually give nothing in exchange.
The light there is incredible, to say nothing of the scenery.
Nothing is more ordinary than a paper bag, which is why these hats are so extraordinary.
Better yet, give me people who think rock art is nothing more than a bunch of old graffiti on a boulder or cave wall.
Still, nothing deterred his unsinkable faith in his own genius.
The ink might be nothing more than sugar cane juice mixed with campfire soot.
Henry had written nothing, did not know what he was going to write.
It's a popular vacation spot, chockablock with beachwear shops, nothing-fancy hotels and weathered houses.
Nothing was designed to be particularly helpful or beneficial to cars.
Green beans are a workhorse vegetable: nothing flashy, rarely the star, but always dependable in a supporting role.
Still, nature is nothing if not an innovator, and an explosion of invasive species has beneficial repercussions for some animals.
But something from nothing, physicists are finding, may be the ultimate secret of the universe.
It strikes a false note to say that something can be both revolutionary and nothing to worry about, he says.
Plots to dethrone him as leader have come to nothing.
No, the problem is that this is really nothing new or major.
If nothing else, he's found a good way to enhance his profile.
Book readers may be an unusually honest lot, but they are not above getting stuff for nothing.
But it seems that nothing has been done to limit its possible damage.
Nothing in his official business looks likely to set the sky alight.
Nothing illuminates this more clearly than health care.
If you fix domestic prices and world prices rise, subsidies will increase even if the regime does nothing.
Today, before you go to pack it in for the night and get some sleep, challenge yourself to do nothing for two whole minutes.
Five days went by after the last test, and she heard nothing.
Of course, there is nothing new about this kind of civil disobedience.
Nothing can be proved except that some poets have one kind of readers or listeners-and other poets have other kinds.
Nothing is more frustrating than an eyeliner that seems to disappear an hour after its application.
We had to go to press that night and nothing was working.
There is nothing that humans can do in which they can totally ignore manners.
If you've seen the previous seven installments, nothing will stop you from seeing the eighth.
However, there's nothing discreet about featuring all the latest technologies in room offerings and service.
There's a quality of the writing that makes an all-or-nothing wager.
Nothing beats the flavor of a perfectly seared steak.
Growing up, our executive food editor knew nothing of collard greens and ham hocks.
Without sautéing, rabbit is stewed in practically nothing but its own juices.
Think of a ragtop as nothing more elaborate than an upgraded stateroom, with a balcony, on a cruise ship.
If you try to experience everything, you'll remember nothing.
But when it comes to cooking, particularly the sauces, nothing can take the place of butter.
Their vascular systems constrict furiously to keep blood pressure up-until, suddenly, nothing.
Nothing can be located at a precise point in space or time, preventing the formation of a blip of infinite energy and density.
If you wake somebody up from deep, stage-four sleep, they will usually have nothing to report about the experience.
No matter what emergency therapy the team of doctors tried, nothing could get his heart to squeeze powerfully.
As far as the frog is concerned, this is nothing out of the ordinary.
It looked somewhat narrowed, probably from the lymph nodes bunched around it, but nothing serious.
But according to the theory of relativity, nothing can go faster than light.
Often, commitment can mean nothing more than an involvement that has outlived its original justification.
Indeed, time and motion are nothing more than illusions.
And while it's obvious on the right, nothing can be seen on the left, in the real image.
Yet their argument rests on an account of global trends that is nothing short of terrifying.
He'd been sitting there, doing nothing in particular.
They're the work of a photographer testing his eye, yet there's nothing tentative and nothing tossed off.
There was nothing to tell you that a war had been going on, in this city and this country, for over half a century.
Unless you're putting money on it, nothing is at stake except your reputation for wisdom in matters of the heart.
He has reached a point in his life where there is nothing to do but play solitaire.
Nothing is systematically or rigorously examined-which is to say that nothing is subjected to the longevity of narrative.
And yet, nothing could be more fraudulent than the idea of a homogeneous oeuvre with a single name attached to it.
Nothing human, and certainly nothing modern, will be alien to you.
She feels herself utterly transformed: nothing is impossible.
Next to nothing is known of his life, though many legends surround him.
Nothing creates more misunderstanding of the results of scientific research than scientists' use of metaphors.
More than half the weight and size of today's batteries comes from supporting materials that contribute nothing to storing energy.
One third of the weight of your brain is fatty acids so the supply of these is nothing to be scoffed at.
These kinds of trades appear to generate emergent behaviour that has nothing to do with the actual value of a company.
When it comes to secure messaging, nothing beats quantum cryptography, a method that offers perfect security.
Nothing available today provides a low-cost, mobile solution that can be used remotely to both gather and transmit images.
There is nothing new about active noise-canceling technology, of course.
The shift in ocean science that will result from that new knowledge, researchers say, will be nothing short of tectonic.
Basically, a patent is nothing but a license to sue for infringement.
Initially, the filters contained nothing out of the ordinary.
IF your computer is hijacked then there is no doubt nothing is secure at your end.
Nissan plans to introduce hybrids, but at nothing near these levels.
The company's earliest attempts at walkers were really nothing more than a pair of legs and feet with a big box on top of them.
Teaching through video games is nothing new for the army.
As an avid technologist nothing could be more intriguing than to watch the emergence of a great technology such as this one.

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